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Autopot 1st grow again

2 years ago
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Coco Coir
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Grow medium
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
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weeks 6,7
weeks 6,7,...
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Week 13
12 hrs
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Things ticking along nicely.
Jack Herer is really liking the ScRog setup and covers just under half of the tent and budding up nicely.
Both the Amnesia and LA Confidential are a lot shorter and not as well suited for this ScRog grow but are very dense and sticky with the buds feeling a lot more solid than Jack.
The nutrient solution seems to be spot on for the Jack, maybe a little bit too nutrient hot for the LA and the leaves of the amnesia look the most over feed, with the odd discoloration and hardness of them but still okay.
Jack is at 50cm from the QB'S with no issues and the other ones at 60cm, with the difference being Jack is 10cm taller than the others.
Humidity is still a bit high for my liking which I am going to remove the QB's drivers to a external room to try and reduce temperature (gets up to 26°c and RH rises to in-between 60-70%.)
Monster crop clones were taken on the 2/7/21 from each plant using jiffy disks and hormone with all looking alright and several with visible roots 10 days later.
Now just leaf tucking to expose bud nodes, mainly on the Jack.
If I was to ScRog again I will probably go with a single strain like Jack Herer and Sog the other two.
Currently trying to get a better understanding of nutrient concentrations between using the autopots and the traditional watering of coco to runoff, which I think the feeding recommendations on the bottles are for.
4 plants are using 15ltr/day of nutrient solutions.
A fourth 240w+660nm QB should be here tomorrow in 3500k which could be used during the day in the tent and removed at night for the cutting's.

Grow Questions
Removed week 1 started grow question 2 years ago
Yellowish seedlings and slow growth ?
Do seedlings appear to have been water logged or nutrient/pH issue ?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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Removed answered grow question 2 years ago
Worked out it was the QB being too close.
Removed week 7 started grow question 2 years ago
Large leaves covering lower branches, remove, supercrop/tucked down hard or just left for now.
Should these type of large Sun leaves be either removed or "supercropped" down to allow more light onto the laterals growing along the bottom branches ?

Pictures are before and after holding the leaf to the side.
Plants are currently being LST and then will be ScRoged.

Leaves. Too many
L_Tetragrammaton answered grow question 2 years ago
It’s really a personal preference and either way is fine. I personally remove the large fan leaves off the main stem and remove the large suckers off secondary branches at very bottom to get really nice airflow. I feel that the more room the buds have to breathe and the more direct light you can give them the fatter the product. Happy Growing and good luck :+1:
Removed week 7 started grow question 2 years ago
Main stem split a little, what to do ?
Applied too heavier weight last night to straighten one of the top branchs out (LST) and this morning I have found the stem split in half at the top.
I have tied them back together, is this all I can really do or should I take for clones ?

Plant. Other
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B4RNS answered grow question 2 years ago
No panic bro :blush: It happens to me all the times when I bend my plants to fit them under the ScrOG. It will keep growing. You can fix it with duct tape if you want.
Removed week 8 started grow question 2 years ago
1st ScRog, uncertainty of timing ?
I've been pulling branches down and out instead of weaving in and out through my ScRog net.
Will this make much difference on when I should flip to 12/12 ?
I think I'm close but not sure.
Techniques. ScrOG
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Hashy answered grow question 2 years ago
U are doing fine there. I don't weave them in and out of the grid when I scrog I do what your doing. The grids may be a little tight.
Removed week 10 started grow question 2 years ago
Air layering for taking Monster crop clones ?
Has anyone tried taking monster cropped clones using air layering ?,any tips or advice ?
My girls are 14 days in flower(ScRog) so I am going to try a few lower branches today for fun and defoliate and prune in a week or so.
Setup. Clones
Removed answered grow question 2 years ago
I have done it. It works well. Just make sure the area that is wrapped is always moist. It can even be a little on the wet side just not soaked.
Removed week 13 started grow question 2 years ago
Ok bud site density question
Would someone mind looking at my pictures and tell me if they are looking right ?, as in the bud site numbers, spread, 5 weeks into flower, etc..
Buds. Other
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GrowCN answered grow question 2 years ago
Your plants look great. Feel free to send me a sample after harvest.

I would reduce the nitrogen. The leaves look very green for flower. It's OK during veg but you want less during flower. Don't cut it completely out but maybe try 1/2 nitrogen and see how they respond. If you get bottom leaves yellowing you might need more N.

You have a lot of nice looking buds on top. There will be others that emerge down lower. I would prune those lower ones off. They will be shaded and not develop well and will take resources that should go to the prime ones on top.
Itsgnomegrown answered grow question 2 years ago
The bud sites are fine and the flowers look like week three of flower. but I think you pushed to many for an auto flower especially with a sog. Be careful with there stretch I would cut the lowers and sides ASAP or your colas are gonna be the size of fingers instead of fists or pop cans. Sometimes less is more especially with autos. Good luck
Rookie_grows answered grow question 2 years ago
Yeah buddy that looks fine, I'd maybe strip a few fan leafs
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Tilili week 13

excellent bud! do you measure the concentration of ec/ppm?

JamMAKEcan week 13

Very nice:trophy::trophy:keep up the HARD WORK growMie


You will have tons of buds eheheh
You will need a lifter to move the yield!

Sweet hugs from us :heart::heart::heart:

If you want to support us take a look to our diary and please leave a comment!
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It will be appreciated! :heart:


TeknoRanger week 13

Good luck in growing and enjoy development :+1:
If you want to go through my diary and leave your support:raised_hands::facepunch:

DoDrugs420 week 13

When you know you know.

Trixx week 13

Keep it up and happy grows :muscle:

Greenwolvesfarmer week 13

Buenaaa ! Le deseo lo mejor ! La mejor de las suerte y éxito rotundo ! A full ...te invito a mi perfil ;) muchas bendiciones

Mrs_Larimar week 13

Looking awsome!!! The La confidental looks quite crowded.. but yeah we will see. Fot the moment lovely keep that track