Grotek, a brand under Greenstar Plant Products, has been a significant player in the horticultural industry since its inception in 1998. The company has carved out a reputation for offering high-quality, scientifically formulated nutrients and supplements catering to both hobby and commercial growers globally. Grotek's product line is diverse, ranging from base nutrients to additives, and encompasses both mineral and organic solutions to suit various growing styles and needs.
The company has been an industry pioneer, especially noted for blending key organic extracts with mineral fertilizers. This innovative approach has been instrumental in significantly improving harvest quality. Grotek places a strong emphasis on sourcing its ingredients based on quality, primarily from North America and Europe, to meet high specifications. Their mission revolves around building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with their clients, underpinned by trust, exceptional horticultural products, and world-class service.
Grotek's product portfolio is extensive and includes items like Insta-Green, a solution for restoring lush green color and vigor in plants, Vitamax Pro and Vitamax Plus for enhancing plant growth and bloom development, and Monster Grow Pro, a powerful supplement for vegetative growth. The brand is also known for its educational resources, offering guidance and support to growers at all experience levels.

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Not sure if it makes any
6 months ago
First time using but flushed the plants really well.
6 months ago
Este micro pack hizo que no faltaran nutrientes en mis plantas, las mantuvieron verdes y con unos cogollos enormes sin modificar el sabor
6 months ago
Love ur stuff miracle pink powder!!! No joke
6 months ago
For the price it's a good boost to plant resilience. The Silica will boost pH into the high 9's so make sure you pH down to 6.5 before adding anything else to it.
6 months ago
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