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Promo’s 1st Go

2 years ago
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Grow medium
Paper Towel
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week 3
week 3
week 5
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Week 5
20 hrs
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Commented by promo promo
2 years ago

Another busy last few days. Was having a deficiency for the past few weeks that was getting to the plants and stunting their growth, so they may be a bit behind where they should be after 4 weeks of veg. You can see it on lower leaves, but new growth has looked good since I’ve balanced it out some. Shout out to the great community here that gave me some insight into how to fix things, especially those who responded to my grow question.

3 plants are topped, three are natural, and most have minor lst(just bending and tucking to try to get light to the branches. Gonna veg a week or two more and then flip—want the smaller ones to get more size, but also don’t want the big ones (the ZxKC and Moonshine GTH in the back) to out grow the tent. Also surprised by the size of the bubba hash—it looks indica and really columnar, but is also taller than I anticipated. As always any and all constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!

Grow Questions
promo week 3 started grow question 2 years ago
What is this rust discoloration on leaves, and how can I stop it?
Does anyone happen to know what is causing this rust colored discoloration on fan leaves? It starts on bottom leaves, and moves up. Also seeing yellowing on leaves, and not sure if its pest issue, light issue, deficiency, or watering concern. Super nervous plants are dying:slightly_frowning_face:
Leaves. Tips - Die
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Leaves. Other
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B4RNS answered grow question 2 years ago
Proper Calcium deficiency due to an excessive amount of ammonium, potassium, magnesium and/or sodium in the root environment. The absorption is curbed mostly by ammonium and least by sodium. It can also be a problem with the evaporation caused by an excessively high EC value of the soil, check the EC of the drain to make sure.
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DoDrugs420 week 5

Great job!

GODSGIFT_2005_JM week 5

awesome veg bro! happy growing! check out my flowering gorilla if you like. Thanks! :+1:

Grow3rPT week 5

Que maravilha :v:
Boa sorte no cultivo e aproveita o desenvolvimento :+1:
E no final que tenhas uma grande colheita :seedling::seedling:
Se quiseres passa pelo meu diário e deixa o teu apoio

Removed week 5

How wonderful
I hope a good development :seedling::+1:
Go through my diary and leave your opinion .