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Seedmans 30 plant run (SPONSORED)

3 weeks ago
Room Type
Canna coco professional plus
Grow medium
Clay pebbles
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
Germination Method
Paper Towel
Method used by 7086 growers
Statistics by method
Avg. success - 93%
Method popularity - 40%
Peyote Gorilla
Avg. success
Seedsman - 91%
Peyote Gorilla - 63%
LA Peyote Kush
Avg. success
Seedsman - 91%
LA Peyote Kush - 40%
Peyote Zkittlez
Avg. success
Seedsman - 91%
Peyote Zkittlez - 58%
Photos & Videos
Commented by Kushking420ni Kushking420ni
3 weeks ago

For extraction we have an iso max 8 inch 2 speed fan and an rvk 6 inch working together for intake I'm pulling air directly from outside with a window box system connected to an rvk 6 L running and 8 inch carboair filter threw an sms con dual fan speed controller with probe in middle of the room will be adding a kind k5 series 1000w led alongside the 1000w gavita de and the 600w adjustawing avenger will also add another led when it arrives from the sponsor this will be a real fun grow with hybrid mh hps and led lighting will quarter turn and rotate all pots and plants daily and have live WiFi cams in tent for weekly snap updates, working in conjuction with @igrowneil on this grow so will be seeing some amazing results 3 to 4 week veg then flip 28 plants lots of. Light optimum conditions will be running a decent sized humidifier and keeping temps at 26oc and 65%rh from day 1 to 28 and then turn all the lights up as far as I can without raising temps past 27oc and hoping to achieve a 50 percent humidity level constant lights off temps I hope to achieve 18oc to 20oc with a constant eh of 65 in veg and 50 in flower have de humidifiers there to use and plenty of good airflow lights height is like 10ft 11ft max so plenty of room for these girls it'll be all natural growing no scrog nets some lst and topped once will lollypop abut to remove any rubbish but going easy on them and a relatively light nutrient schedule also will be wanting 80 plus grams per plant with this run and hoping to see almost perfect results this time around

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homerj week 0

Good luck with your grow mate!:muscle::muscle:

MalumProhibitum week 0

Suscribed! :facepunch::grin: