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SHOGUN Fertlisers is the resut of a desire to design something special, something new for the hydroponics market. It was founded in UK by group of well-experienced growers. The main goal was to create a product that combines exceptional productivity with great value dilution levels.

The SHOGUN product line contains a series of additives and nutrients for any growing system. All products pass through the strict control and testing.

The company continues developing new products to meet customers needs.

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Tryhard GrandMaster
Great stuff has usual down to the roots giving me a great start down the the Dragon force throwing the extra weight on
5 hours ago
Hybrid Newbie
Love the Shogun range. I'm not much of a supplement kind of grower but the Shogun base nutrients are flawless. I did notice a burst of flowering with the application of PK Warrior but you are using it when there is a natural emphasis om budding, so not convinced. Blind tests required (hint to manufacturers!)
1 day ago
Wy_growz Apprentice
First time using shogun and I will say they make a difference
2 days ago
biggreens420 GrandMaster
excellence in nutrient form
2 weeks ago

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I wish i'd read you're prices before going to my local shop as he charged me ยฃ37 for 250 ml of Katana roots and a 750 ml Geisha Foliar RTU spray !! He wrote down ยฃ12 for roots ( O.K ) then he wrote ยฃ25 for spray, i think it should have been ยฃ25 for both and he's added them and not corrected himself !! As he never gives a receipt it's my word against his- not happy !!:worried: Think i will get directly from Shogun in future.:+1:I have now got you're full range, and have noticed a difference already ( 24 hrs ) with the spray - WOW !! :astonished::+1: Loving these nutrients and can't wait for the flowering results. :wink:


I see a lot of people using your nutrient line. I'm a Coco grower and was wondering if it's got anything in it to set it apart From the rest? I've been using canna with great success but I'd rather use something from a fully British company if it merits the change. I do a wide range of strains and I'm going through a lot of nutrients and the cost is mounting up so I'm looking to try other stuff to perhaps improve my growth and of course to impact my pocket a little less than at present. I'm keen to hear from you guys.
Thanks in advance.