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Maine - 2021

1 week ago
Chemdawg Custom Breeder & Strain
Alaskan Thunder Fuck Custom Breeder & Strain
Lambs Bread Custom Breeder & Strain
Viper Cookies Custom Breeder & Strain
Night Nurse Custom Breeder & Strain
Dark Helmet Custom Breeder & Strain
Sour Sunset Custom Breeder & Strain
Peanut Butter Breath Custom Breeder & Strain
Fox Farm
Room Type
Grow medium
week 11
weeks 8,9
weeks 8,9,...
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Grow Conditions
Week 14
14.79 ml/gal
Epsom Salt
4.93 ml/gal
Fox Farm - Tiger Bloom
Tiger Bloom
19.72 ml/gal
Commented by lefthandedJ lefthandedJ
1 week ago

What a week. Had a couple wind storms sweep through, one entirely unexpected.

The first snapped the top of the Chemdog, about a foot and a half. I caught it quick and splinted it up good, and it seems to have survived, but damn it sure slowed the growth on the top. The second came yesterday out of the blue. There were thunderstorms around, but nothing too severe, then all of a sudden this wind hit for like 10 minutes like I've never seen. Everything went flying-- everything. I watched 14 pots (bags) tip simultaneously and take down half the trellis lines with them. Got them back up quickly, shook the extra water off, and the sun came right out after. Think they survived that one too, although I've had to remove some leaves on the sides that hit the ground (pm) and I lost a couple of smaller branches.
The ladies are looking awesome. Still not sure what to expect from the sativas, this might be the first year any of them get all the way on my outdoor so it's pretty interesting to watch. The diff between an indica leaner budding and a sativa leaner is like night and day.
Even the two late bloomers finally bloomed. I'm not expecting anything from the two Viper Cookies, they just started this week and that's way late for Maine outdoor. Even still, I gotta let 'em run just to see. You never know-- with the weather these days I'll be growing outside in December before long!!

Grow Questions
lefthandedJ week 8 started grow question 2 months ago
Ealry Flower on acclimated outdoor??
Anybody ever hear of a plant flowering this early outdoors? Grew the same strain last year, and it was way later. It's been out for a while, and in veg the whole time. Two days ago I looked and the hairs have multiplied and baby buds are forming already.
Buds. Other
Plant. Other
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masterofsmeagol answered grow question 2 months ago
I private messaged you bro. You're good. No worries. One thing I would do though is look into a way of securing your plants in the wind. Especially before flowering starts. It SUCKS to have a nice tall plant snap under the weight of bud and rain or just strong wind. I've also had 5 gallon buckets tip over. I know it's a bag not a bucket but still. Just a cautionary tale from a fellow Mainer. Looks great though man!
Organoman answered grow question 2 months ago
Someone forgot to tell the plant to read the instruction manual!
Seriously though, this is typical phenotypic variation. Seeds are not identical.
Think of how lucky you are that this plant will finish much earlier, and before the weather gets nasty/rainy/cold in early Fall/Autumn!
Cheers, Organoman.
Crawlndog answered grow question 2 months ago
I was just trying to figure that out myself... I just finished two strains indoors (both photoperiod). I made some clones from both of them... had these clones out since the first week of june... I searched up daylight hours for where I live and it said June 1st 15.1 hours...
About 3 weeks ago, I thought I noticed pre-flower on one strain... skip ahead to now and I am 3 weeks into flower on that strain and the other strain is starting to show signs of pre-flower... pistels and stretch... Pre-flower doesn't start until the first week of August where I live.

I repeat.... These are not Auto Flowers...

So... I'm with you on this one :joy::grin::dizzy_face:
lefthandedJ week 12 started grow question 3 weeks ago
Funky eggs??
Anyone ever seen eggs under their fan leaves, not ON the leaves, but hanging from them?? WIsh I'd thought to get a pic, but it looked lke a dozen tiny eggs or seeds of some sort hanging from fuzzy transluscent lines or webs.
Other. Bugs
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masterofsmeagol answered grow question 3 weeks ago
@ChitownCannaChica the only insect I know that does that are green lacewings and you certainly don't want to get rid of them. They are the most beneficial insect you can get. @LefthandedJ they look like a little pin stuck to the underside of the leaves. Amazing predators.
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