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Fox Farm company was founded in 1985 in California as family run business.

It  produces the finest quality nutrients. All formulas are handmade. Small batches ensure superior composition and quality control.

You can use Fox Farm for hydroponics and soil methods. Fox Farm is a very popular brand of indoor marijuana growing.

Fox FarmFox FarmFox FarmFox FarmFox Farm

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16 weeks
First grow FatalFarmer
Pineapple Skunk
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Crystal Candy XL Auto : Sweet Seeds
13 weeks
Crystal Candy XL Auto : Sweet Seeds NeedsMoreFans
Crystal Candy XL Auto
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First Grow: Essie Smokin_Joe
Super Critical Bud CBD
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Gorilla Glue smoke24
Gorilla Glue Autoflowering
14 comments · 9 months ago
Auto gelato auto auto
14 weeks
Auto gelato auto auto DaddyPrime
Gelato Auto
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Gorilla zkittlez
16 weeks
Gorilla zkittlez I_and_I
Gorilla Zkittlez
68 comments · 12 months ago
Durban Poison - Coco
14 weeks
Durban Poison - Coco Manakin
Durban Poison feminized seeds
34 comments · 1 year ago

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I use this stuff in veg. only, works great:+1:

2 hours ago

Works good

13 hours ago

I’ve been using fox farm products a few years now and never had any complaints on their end. Soil is great for germination up until harvest.

1 day ago

I'll use these in the future.

1 day ago

Fox farm works good as long as you ph out all of your feeds the plants love it.

2 days ago

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i heard the warehouse in canada is closing:disappointed:


Thank you guys for having such great products and making it all so user friendly and easy to figure out and navigate through our grows. There's no denying that Humboldt county is really changing the world one green thing at a time. I appreciate you being here.