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Garage Grow No.1

6 months ago
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Paper Towel
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week 4
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Week 10
18 hrs
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Commented by Ap0_DrX Ap0_DrX
6 months ago

Week 9
- Finish Defoliation
- Nutrient deficiency is severe
- Light distance, Co2, and watering is still the same but watering now can last only 1 and a half day, thus considering watering every day
- VPD in each day is still in the relatively good range between 0.8-1.1
- Flip the light to 12-12 in next week
- Feeding in next week

Grow Questions
Ap0_DrX week 4 started grow question 7 months ago
Would like to get opinions about these white & yellow dots, Early sign of Spider Mites ?
Leaves. Other
Other. Bugs
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 7 months ago
From the variety of different shapes the white markings are, you're probably dealing with thrips - but you don't need to figure out precisely what they are because there are treatments that will get rid of both thrips or spider mites. As m0use says, it's easy to find something that will help you and it really doesn't matter what that is either since you are in veg and anything can be used... but if I were you, I would choose something that can be used all the way to harvest just in case you get rid of them now and they come back later during flowering... so my recommendation to you is to get some Spinosad or Dr. Zymes Eliminator.. both are organic and both will kill thrips, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies... any sucking insect. BT is used for chewing bugs - catepillars and the like (which is NOT the problem here but I offer that just in case you ever find holes in your leaves!). Spinosad products, in particular, are going to be the most effective and easiest to find... you can get it at any garden center or online...

Good luck - it's a minor problem right now - but one that can explode overnight.
Ap0_DrX week 6 started grow question 7 months ago
Weird grow compare to its peer
I have a plant looking like this , extremely bushy , branches are very short. Does anyone have any idea ?
Plant. Too short
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 7 months ago
Yeah, it's probably just the genetics of that particular seed.... I've got 3 plants going where 2 are "normal" size and the 3rd is 5-6" taller and always has been - opposite problem from yours but the same idea.... Your lights, obviously, are a good distance away so if she wasn't getting enough, she'd be stretching... so THAT'S not the problem. The only thing I can think of to suggest (other than just accepting her as she is) might be to add some Recharge into her feed and see if stimulating her roots would help her out. This has done wonders for some problem-children of mine at various stages and just might help yours as well. If she doesn't respond to that, I think you're going to just have to accept her!

Good luck!
Ap0_DrX week 7 started grow question 6 months ago
I brough the Hermie plant outside the room and this happen, tried to learn more about this but still no luck. Have any Idea ?
Leaves. Tips - Die
Leaves. Dropping off
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Organoman answered grow question 6 months ago
If you have moved it from indoors to outside into direct sunlight, without "hardening off" first, this is the result, burnt tips.
Sunlight is much stronger than lamp light and any plant growing indoors needs to grow accustomed (harden off) to sunlight once moved outdoors by only getting morning sun, then shade for the middle part of the day, gradually increasing the amount of sun over a week or two, before it can handle all day sunlight.
Ap0_DrX week 8 started grow question 6 months ago
Can anyone suggest how to do the defoliation
Techniques. Defoliation
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 6 months ago
One of the best articles on this can be found here:

You really DO need to do some defoliation to get air flow going as well as bringing light to the lower bud sites... that article will help you figure out what to trim, when to trim and how much to trim .... it's my go-to reference for defoliation!

Good luck!
Ap0_DrX week 10 started grow question 6 months ago
I have this symptom, a pattern of rust spots happening on new leaves, I have checked medium PH, which is around 7.5. I think it is Boron Deficiency caused by The medium PH not being approximately 6.5.
I need more suggestions, What do you guys think?
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
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Daytrip97 answered grow question 6 months ago
Honestly just fix the ph first. The problem may sort itself out rather easily. I would not add anything until after the ph is corrected depending on your grow media. The optimal ph for cannabis is 5.5-6.5, the lower end geared towards hydroponics and the higher end towards soil.
Ap0_DrX week 10 started grow question 6 months ago
Some of the plant's leaves turn pink. The medium PH is around 7.5. I have tested the medium NPK and it indicated that P was very low, N and K were still good. I have looked it up and some posts said that it was P and K deficiency.
Could it be only P deficiency?
Leaves. Color - Red or pink
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Growladyeastmidlands answered grow question 6 months ago
Looking hermie
AsNoriu answered grow question 6 months ago
Imagine yourself snall kid and mum put cookie jar on the fridge.
You cant reach it, unless you get in higher level to reach, aka use chair or something ;)))
So ph is the same !!! Nutrition don't magically disappear, they just cant be used or reached if ph is WRONG.
sort it !!!
ChitownCannaChica answered grow question 6 months ago
It’s a deficiency because the ph is too high—- plant can only uptake so much when the ph is off. Get the ph closer to 6.1 and the deficiency will go away.
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