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Mars Hydro specialize in led grow light and grow tent since 2009, successfully made many grow light series, which are popular among both personal and commercial growers. From the previous Blurple Series as the Mars II series, Mars Reflector series, Mars COB, Mars ECO series, Mars Pro II series, and now the newest Mars FC, FC-E series, Mars SP series and Mars TS series. In 2020, Mars Hydro also start to selling some higher-end lights as our SP 3000 and FC series, and soon another great series (stay tuned).

Mars Hydro teams are making research, development, design, manufacturing and testing. The company has been working on the best ratio of spectrum that helps plants growing, trying to improving the light efficiency to help maximize the light PPFD output while saving more energy, developing more efficient light design to help grow better, etc and cooperating with a community of growers of all levels to test Mars Hydro lights with real consumers and in real working conditions.

The company’s products meet the standards for the US, Canada, Russia, Australia, UK and the EU markets.
The company has its warehouses and service centers in several countries all over the world for fast shipping and customer service.
Mars Hydro is offering not only grow lights but also grow tents, grow kits and lighting accessories.

Mars Hydro official website:
Coupon code: Growdiaries
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Light worked great! Seems strong enough for ever part of the grow. I like that it's dimmable saves having to adjust the height so much.
1 hour ago
Con ganas de tener una más potente jajajajjaja
3 hours ago
Mars Hydro :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy: Trophy winning lamp! the marshydro TS-1000 is amazing absolutely incredible! what i have been able to grow with such an energy efficient budget LED light and going from 60x60 to 100X100 tent was no problem for this little beast. i am very impressed by the way the marshydro TS-1000 has brought my plants to another world :rocket: . I can absolutely without a doubt recommend the TS-1000 to any new grower/small grower If you want discount visit for your best gear and use the PROMO CODE: DEVILSBUD
5 hours ago
Un ottima luce , ha uno spettro completo che accompagna per tutto il periodo la pianta,il tutto è modificabile tramite un comodissimo trim laterale impostabile da un minimo ad un massimo del 100% con una massimale di wattaggio all'incirca 150 -5 watt. Consiglio l'acquisto! Translate
6 hours ago
Been a quality like for at a year of 20/4 every day
8 hours ago
Latest comments

Tell me why there is no ts-600 lamp in your products? For this reason, it is not possible to select it from the proposed lamps for a report.


@ultrasonic, oh. I see what you mean. Apologies. I own 2 ts600s and valspectra par600. You gotta be careful when shopping for LEDs. A 600w led with 2 fans with 3w bulbs. Will put out less light than one without fans, granted if they are the same efficiency. Those advertised 600w are also used to power the fans. Meaning less wattage per bulb. A high quality led is 80% efficient at best. The other 20 is lost in heat. Ive found the 3 watt bulb in lamps is the most efficient. Because they're more efficient and run cooler


@ultrasonic, They have ts600 available


Mars hydro is by far the best you can get for the price:+1: even though they cost less than other brands, The quality and results blow away the competition :+1::right-facing_fist::left-facing_fist: they are always taking advice and tips from us growers so let them know if there is anything you want to recommend for future products:the_horns: keep up the awesome work guys. I'll never use anything else :+1:


@Rock_n_Roll_Randy, 100% correct right now, $ Vs PAR nothing even close.


SP3000 : A light that produce more then enough light for any grow. Its unbelievable . At only 10% of its power, young plants wil grow healthy.


@VroemVroem66, the new osram diodes help the already latest Samsung LM301B... germ to harv... not a fan of big companies but when its quality.. well, its quality.




I have a recommendation for mars. Get decent people working for you. Maybe pay them a bit more so they keep their jobs. Listen to your customers for once. I purchased a mars tsl2000. 1 year of using it, and wiring was faulty in divider to drivers. I temporary fixed waiting for warranty part over night, and has taken over a week. KEEP IN MIND THEIR WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER YOUR HOUSE BURNING DOWN FROM THEIR SHITTY WIRING. I was lucky that didn't happen. Apparently stepping up quality in product, and employees is needed. Look at trust pilot review below on another comment. Time for changes mars


i have heard great things about mars and im so happy they are reaching out to me to try there product


check this out NEVER BUY FROM HERE !


SP3000 - Does exactly what it says it does.

#Mars-Hydro SP3000


Love it love it love it Green Gelato Automatic 4 life.


Beautifull Terple !!!!!!


Holy, that's some serious Special Queen #1!