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Semi-Mainline Girl Scout Cookies (Fem)

4 weeks ago
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Grow medium
Paper Towel
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week 16
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Week 16
11 hrs
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Commented by MicroNighthawk MicroNighthawk
4 weeks ago

Have been giving her collected rain water out of the old wine barrel for a few days now. =)
Still too many clear trichomes for my taste... I have lowered the light intensity a bit as well after having already moved to 13/11 light schedule.

Sunday: defoliation and although I wanted to harvest today - I will wait another day or 2. Just so the lower buds have some time to ripen up a little more and maybe we get a few more ambers.


Grow Questions
MicroNighthawk week 6 started grow question 3 months ago
"Semi Main-Lining": Should I clean up the lower small grows on my 4 main branches?
I am trying a (wrong) "semi"-mainlining...

TL;DR (my Diary)
1. Trained plant into a spiral
2. Got high, topped it
3. Cleaned 2 grows/nodes per branch
4. Bent main stem to grow horizontal = 2 lower & 2 upper branches

Should I clean 1-2 more nodes before flipping to 12/12
Techniques. Main-lining
Roberts answered grow question 3 months ago
I would leave it as it is. Will get the biggest yield this way. Should grow into a shrub looking plant by end full of colas. Good luck. :seedling:
MicroNighthawk week 9 started grow question 2 months ago
Deficiency on Fem. Girl Scout Cookies?
I am watering sporadically and only every 2nd watering I add nutrients... haven't checked PH in a while but is usually around 6.5
The top leaves have no burnt tips - so am I (finally) having a nutrient deficiency?
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 2 months ago
What you've got is a vastly underwatered, probably under-fed plant whose lights are far too close to them. If you're only watering "sporadically" you've probably got a lockout of several nutes (I can see both magnesium and probably calcium for two - there may be more) - Plants at this age are usually requiring a lot more water than you report in your diary... so you're not rinsing the salts and excess nutes out which has caused a lockout. When you water, you need to give it enough so that there's at least a 10-20% runoff. And if you only assume your pH is 6.5, that's like filling your car up with gas 3 weeks ago and assuming your car still has enough gas in it for a 200 mile trip today without looking at the gas gauge.

Get the lights up at least 18 inches from your plants and then do a flush. For your grow in 3 gallon pots, that means running 9 gallons of water pH'd to 6.2 through each pot.... or at least enough (and more if need be) to get the pH of the runoff to 6.2 which is the "sweet spot" for plants at their age. When they dry out, you can give them nutes but only 1/2 strength for the first feed. Going forward, keep the grow nutes at 1/2 strength as you take your bloom nutes to full strength - in flower, nitrogen is still needed but not at the levels required for veg. And always measure the pH of whatever you're giving her and measure the pH of the runoff - that will tell you what's going on in the soil.

Good luck.
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yan402 week 16

Beautiful buds , congratulations :+1:


@yan402, thank you! I can just imagine how much it would have been if I didn't starve the girl for 6 weeks and then switched over to flowering as soon as I put her under my LED. I will try another Girl Scout Cookie batch in a few weeks - this time with enough light. :grin: