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Juicy Pussy / Cream Brulee / Green Crack

4 weeks ago
LED / 640W
LED / 640W
Emerald Harvest
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week 4
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pillowz pillowz
4 weeks ago
Grow Questions
pillowz week 5 started grow question 3 months ago
Runoff ph and ppm too high! help please :(
Need help with runoff ph and ppm.
runoff ph = 7.4
runoff ppm = 1100-1400 ppm
I try to water it with 6.0 ph water (no nutes) few times but runoff is still high ph and ppm?
Soil is also basic organic soil.
How can I fix this?
Other. General questions
Feeding. Other
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 3 months ago
You're going to have to do a little more than just give it some 6.0 pH'd water a few times... You're growing in 5 gallon pots so take 15 gallons of pH'd water and run that amount through each pot - in the last gallon for each, add in 1/2 strength nutes.... then let them dry out before watering again. You should also check the pH of the runoff and if more than 15 gallons is required to get the pH down, run more... in short, you do this until that pH is under control and where you want it.

As far as your ppm is concerned, that's really terribly high for the age of this plant... ESPECIALLY if these are autoflowers! At their age, the ppm shouldn't be more than 600 - and that's about the max autoflowers will be able to tolerate. They're QUITE finicky! ... and with them (they're all I grow), less is more... So, if you're growing in amended soil, you're going to have to allow for that and keep what you add in terms of nutes way down... it's good that you're checking the runoff for the ppm as well as the pH... just keep doing that. I might even suggest that when you flush (above), you also measure the ppm of the runoff and only if it's well below 600 (like 450 - 500) add the nutes in that final gallon... if it's around 600 give or take 50, then add 1/2 strength nutes...

Good luck!
pillowz week 6 started grow question 3 months ago
Help with leaf problem… possible nutrient lockout?
Leaf problem. Possibly nutrient lockout? Root ph problem?
More info:
Soil, run off ph=7.4, ppm = 450
Please help me identify the symptoms on these leaves thank you :)
Leaves. Edges burnt
Roots. Other
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m0use answered grow question 3 months ago
to add onto my previous answer,

If you PPM is down to 450 that's 0.9EC if on the 500sclae, or 0.64EC on the 700 scale.
Best to use just EC and fuck PPM, dive the ppm number by the scale your meter uses, Mine uses 500ppm=1EC
1EC is always 1EC on any scale but ppm's are different.

I think you need to give it some space for the soil to adapt. Keep adjusting the PH down in the water to aorund 6.4
your leaves are looking like they having some issues with PH flux and could use to extra K. Soil will always balance the mediums PH and it is not as static as hydro grows.
Mixing in Peatmos will help keep the PH lower as well as sulphur, its broken down into sulphuric acid and lower mediums PH that way.
With all the flushing it might be good to offer a Microbe infusion to help replenish the population. But i feel the roots need some time when they are not soaking wet.

Good Luck!
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