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Emerald Harvest is the result of having worked with hundreds of growers and store owners. It is based on the latest scientific research and needs of customers. Most growers would prefer a compact line that provides professional results.  And here is Emerald Harvest to do it.

Emerald Harvest is an easy-to-use professional range of nutrients that helps plants to reach their maximum genetic potential.

The main goals of company are developing the best brand of plant fertilizers possible and combining the best that science and nature have to offer.




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gdogfunk Apprentice
This was my first run using only Emerald Harvest (except for URB at the beginning and Mammoth p throughout). And I’ve never had leaves so green they look plastic. Almost all the leaves were still a rich green even up until harvest! Super healthy plants and coated with resin. Some of the stickiest buds I’ve ever handles!
3 days ago
CloudSlappy Newbie
This was the easiest grow I have ever had thanks to Emerald Harvest and their simple nutrient schedule. Fast to get mixed and easy on the plants. Can't ask for anything more. I will definitely keep using this going forward.
2 weeks ago
Garedicus Newbie
Mis-clicked - really need to make it easier to unselect nutrient brands from grows.
3 months ago
DadasGrow Apprentice
I really liked the line. They gave a feeding chart and although there are multiple components it’s fairly straight forward. I don’t know if I will try it after I’ve used what I have, I may look for a simple nutrient line as to not have so many bottles. But when it comes down to it they performed well. The plants seemed to love them and I have some very amazing day smoke due to the nutrients and set up. Only human error can be blamed for any issues this run.
3 months ago
Finsfan Apprentice
I used just molassrs with the topped plant, and honey chome with LST plant. The LST plant had much more trichomes and much more pungent!
3 months ago

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