Multi Strain Indoor Grow FL

a month ago
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weeks 15
12-12 From Seed
weeks 15, 22
weeks 3, 11, 13-16, 19-20
Grow medium
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Week 23
Day Air Temperature
6+ conditions after
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saturn4550 saturn4550
a month ago
Whole plants are drying in tent in darkness for 7 days thus far. Would like to trim and start curing in next 2 days prior to Vermont trip. Leaves are drying slowly and starting to feel somewhat brittle. Temp and RH are steady at 73-76 and 59%.
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Grow Questions
saturn4550started grow question 6 months ago
How many here find pH as an important piece of the grow? When I started a few years ago the common thought was to pH within a certain range which I've continued to do. I've also read where some say pH'ing is a waste of time and have phenominal grows. Thoughts?
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Incognitusanswered grow question 6 months ago
pH impacts growth for sure.. you'll need slightly different ratios of nutes are varying pH, because it can affect availability, meaning a new balance is required. You can find real research that shows optimal pH (per species) can definitely impact growth rate. Even if such things are measurable, relative to common sense ranges, it's a small thing. e.g. there's no way the uman eye can see a difference between 5.8 and 6.0 - not with all the variance you get seed to seed as well as a number of other volatile factors muddying the waters. with that said, i rarely pH test my water. I have a 100-pack of ph strips that are 2-3 years old at this point and there are at least 80 in there. Been over a year since i ph-tested anything i bet. My nutes are ph-buffered, though, so it's ~6.0 everytime. Takes the guessing game out of it. So, there are ways to avoid the problem with confidence. I have terrible habits with my reservoir, too, and still no problems. If i were smart, i'd test it before germinating seeds.. but i'm lazy. Consistency is probably most important, relative to any common sense range of pH. Genetics is your potential. You either let the plant get there or hinder it. There's no polishing turds, here.
TheUk420Showanswered grow question 6 months ago
I would never say PHing is a waste of time. You could say the same thing about water treatment sights if they did not PH the water most of us would most likley die eventully. though there are ways around having to ph water you can use nutrients like gen1:11 these nutrients are ph stable with a tap water with ec of around 0.3 to 0.5 this will ensure your ph is always right and you dont even need a meterr to test it ive used gen1 for 3 years and had nothing but sweet tasting bud and massive yields :) best of luck buddy
Hashyanswered grow question 6 months ago
PH is key.

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nerdzweek 5
I never come to a diary to heckle people. Im here to help not throw bad vibes! 6 weeks old you should have a lot more movement in these plants. They all seem consistent with each other so I don't think it's a genetic thing unless you got a really bad dice roll. Let's get these picked up a bit. Your conditions are fairly good. How often are you watering them, and how much light are they getting?
@nerdz, I’ve been thinking the same thing in terms of growth. I’m watering lightly every other day. My Spider Farmer SE 3000 is about 3’ from their canopy and I’ve got it dialed down low based on specs that came with the light. I’m planning to dial in the ph to 6-6.5 using my Blue Lab ph pen (just received my ph up and down solutions along with the 4.0 and 7.0 calibration solutions. Could more watering and more light intensity be needed? Many thanks for your input!
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Lemonhazeloverweek 0
Nice choise strain, good luck buddy ☘️
Seedsmanweek 0
And the start of a new grow! Happy growing and thank you for choosing us!
resimaxweek 0
Good luck and happy growing! 😁
jacquiazureweek 23
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Mooncatweek 2
You should have switched pots after week 2 imo
@saturn4550, that wasnt a critique from my part btw i just assumed bcs of the size of the pot that was the plan anyway... i mean you can repot autos no problem but the window for doing that is much shorter since they run on a timer. Yeah with photos you can pick and choose they are way more flexible in that regard.
@Mooncat, as I mentioned before I’m used to growing autos and kept them in the same container from sprout to harvest. That worked well. Photos I guess are much different and have recently seen where growers transplant a couple of times into larger containers withe fresh soil. Makes sense and I’ll go that route if I grow photos again. Thanks for the comment.