Orange Cream Pop

a month ago
Orange Cream Pop Humboult Seed Company
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Grow medium
Grow medium
Orange Cream Pop Humboult Seed Company
Custom Breeder & Strain
Growing it
She was slower than the rest in Veg would of liked her 1ft taller which I'll give to her clone on the next run. Once she got into flower she really took off and stacked all the way down no spacing so with an extra ft she might yield high. Sweet orange calipo ice lolly Smell but at the moment kush cake orange on the rub. Beautiful looking plant frosted over. I took a clone and it took really well and it's branched about 12 branches thick and strong looks better than the mother. But nothing else matters if it has no taste of orange cream so I will be back with a taste test up date between the 5th - 12th July depending.. to decide Keeper or Not To Keepher lol and not a yield update because its all about the flavour lol thanks everyone
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Week 17
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Gaia Green gives plants what they need when they need it elements salt based nutrients don't give. My plants only have what they need, they're not thirsty all the time like with salt based so this means they don't over eat, so intern the buds don't swell with water just sugar & honey goodness But it's also amazing Water 60ppm and fresh sea air high humidity they are also surrounded by trees and plants and birds singing all nature all part of nature.. I use no pesticides I let bugs come & go just like in nature.. they get Mineralized phosphate Week 4 Flower that brings out flavour & smell. I could be here all day lol but one thing I do.. I dry in a laminated cupboard sucking air out at 65f 70% humidity over 3 weeks not 62 62. When you start at a 70% it's a super long dry and it just stays gooy sticky.. But without Gaia Green forget about it..
I give this to seedlings in solo cups day 1 and then when they are Transplanted to 5 gals and then every 28 days when I Top Dress.. and it's amazing can see the difference in the plants the next day they are just more lush & green & lady like.. Happy looking.. love Recharge and Scotty & the boys a the
Top top light.. really well made doesn't give off too much heat and I love the bar style because my oscillating fan sits just nicely above without losing space.. Shauns a good guy over at Migro and he knows his stuff.. and his customer service is great and his Lights have a 3 year warranty and really affordable.
Solid really heavy duty strong, no light leaks, it's just a great tent.. anything you buy from Ac Infinity is top notch stuff. They are #1 for sure.. again great customer service they replace no questions asked and very reasonably priced. Like the oscillating fans, they make the cogs inside out of steel not plastic so they Last a good while.. Great company best quality
I'm not too happy with Mars Hydro my light dimmer broke so had to get the Array 4 and you can see light coming through not like with ac.. but it's okay for me I'm in a shed so no light plus it helps getting cold air into flower tent.. but if it was in a well lit room is be cautious ⚠️ Lights are okay mine broke after 3 years migro garentee 3 years
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Dont_Panic_Its_Organic Dont_Panic_Its_Organic
a month ago
All in all great grow will just let her get a foot taller on next run because she only stretched 5m6 inches.. and top more for more branches.. All in all happy taste test to come.
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Weef420week 17
Looks like absolute 🔥 was gonna start flowering 4 OCP this week but after seeing yours didn't stretch much decided to wait another week thanks for the info happy growing 👍
@Weef420, yeah didn't stretch much and stacked tight so we'll worth & extra ft 👍 good l
Wastent91week 17
Great results! This weed is full of resin! Good job my friend!
@Wastent91, yes bro she is full of resin. When I checked the tricones before harvest they were full milky with a few amber, not a clear in sight..but the Red velvet had milky clear with a few amber so trics are not as full.. OCP high canabanoid high thc .maybe resulting in stronger flavour. Gotta fill them mushrooms lol says 55 but she went 64 just shows the extra time they actually need to ripen.. thanks bro
2x2MedicineDudeweek 15
she's looking gorgeous, very tasty i bet it smells a treat. Nice grow!
@2x2MedicineDude, thanks bud. Yeah she smells like Calipo orange push ice lolly but on the rub orange kush time will tell thanks bud
Chuckwaggon420week 15
Looks way good buddddy keep it
@Chuckwaggon420, thank you.. No one mentioned dialing a grow in would be so hard but I'm getting there.. thanks mate God bless 👍💯