Mars Hydro has been specializing in LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009, making them experts in indoor cultivation solutions. Their full grow tent kits are tailored to cater to home growers, providing all the essential equipment required to kickstart their plant-growing journey. These comprehensive indoor tent kits are ideal for newcomers or growers looking to upgrade their existing setup. The driving force behind Mars Hydro's success is a team of passionate individuals who are deeply committed to delivering top-notch products and services to indoor growers. Every team member is dedicated to ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction by offering personalized assistance and support. Mars Hydro's product line meets the high standards required for the US, Canada, Russia, Australia, UK, and the EU markets. With warehouses and service centers strategically located worldwide, the company can swiftly handle shipping and customer service with efficiency. In addition to grow tents, Mars Hydro also offers an extensive range of grow lights, grow kits, and lighting accessories. Their comprehensive product lineup caters to the diverse needs of indoor growers, making Mars Hydro a reliable and one-stop destination for all things related to indoor cultivation.

Mars HydroMars HydroMars HydroMars HydroMars Hydro
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Works great
4 hours ago
This tent is poorly built. Light leaks at all of the stitching and the zipper started to unstitch within a month of use. I replaced this tent with another spider farmer tent.
19 hours ago
Great tent, perfect for my needs.
a day ago
Great tent, perfect for my needs.
a day ago
Great tent, perfect for my needs.
a day ago
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Beautifull choice on that Sweet Cheese Auto®️.
Gotta love that Northern Lights Auto.
You rock that Cookies Gelato, BELIVE THAT!!!
brokn tents with light leaks ! AVOID BECAUSE THEY DO NOT GIVE WARANTY
I love it!!!Keep it up.
i bought this tent because it was in the bundle. if i knew what the quality was i wouldn't buy it within the bundle..
I have the 3x3 tent with the ts1000 light and I love it a lot, I wish there was a contest i could join or something I could really use the 4x2 tent with a light to match anyone out there wanna help a guy out?
I have 2 tents 1 120x240 (8x4) and a 60x60 (2x2) and I am very happy with it , the only downside for me personally is the hardish sound of the zipper and that the floor tray isn't water proof but everything else is very good 😁quality material, thick and good fabric and very reflective Mylar, steel poles what gives a sturdy build , very high qualify fabric dubbel stitcht so if you don't want to spend to mutcht money but enough for excellent quality i recommend it highly, I have used the 120x240 tent over 1 year now and everything is still good! So a good bang for your $
I have the smaller 27"x27"x53" set up and wish now that I had gone with the larger one. 4x4x8...... Top of the line quality and overall craftsmanship. The material is one of a kind, because I have yet to see any others that are close to this durable. I tell everyone that wants to invest, to invest in the best. Awesome stickers the mixrd into the package as well. I would definitely advertise for Mars Hydro.