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Auto's outdoors moved INDOORS
12 weeks
Auto's outdoors moved INDOORS JamMAKEcan
+1 strain
75 comments · 3 months ago
Think Different
14 weeks
Think Different Vincent_Van_Grogh
Think Different
268 comments · 3 months ago
Blueberry cookies auto
9 weeks
Blueberry cookies auto JamMAKEcan
Blueberry Cookies Auto
66 comments · 4 days ago
White banana auto
9 weeks
White banana auto JamMAKEcan
White Banana Auto
45 comments · 4 days ago
Purple monkey auto
9 weeks
Purple monkey auto JamMAKEcan
Purple Monkey Auto
57 comments · 4 days ago
Spotless Mind
17 weeks
Spotless Mind SuggaShane
Spotless Mind
46 comments · 8 months ago
UNIT FARM test grow #1
12 weeks
UNIT FARM test grow #1 northernMike
Strawberry Banana Feminized
53 comments · 13 hours ago
Crystal Candy-Newbie
6 weeks
Crystal Candy-Newbie Trumptight420
Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version
85 comments · 5 months ago
Fastbuds Purple punch
12 weeks
Fastbuds Purple punch Diariesweed
Purple Punch Auto
16 comments · 1 month ago
Night Owl Tester
14 weeks
Night Owl Tester SuggaShane
(White Stomper V.1 x Sour Hound) x Cosmic Queen
51 comments · 7 months ago
Fastbuds Forbidden Runtz
12 weeks
Fastbuds Forbidden Runtz Diariesweed
Forbidden Runtz Auto
13 comments · 1 month ago

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Frozen Fuel - October 2021
1 week
Frozen Fuel - October 2021 GoldenGrowths
2 comments · 12 hours ago
Girl Scout Cookies
1 week
Girl Scout Cookies Dapper_Buds
Auto Girl Scout Cookies
3 comments · 13 hours ago
Chem bubbly
1 week
Chem bubbly Dapper_Buds
Chem bubbl
3 comments · 13 hours ago
Sour diesel auto #4
1 week
Sour diesel auto #4 Dapper_Buds
Sour Diesel Automatic
3 comments · 14 hours ago
Sour diesel #3
1 week
Sour diesel #3 Dapper_Buds
Sour Diesel Automatic
2 comments · 14 hours ago
Unknown bag seeds #1
1 week
Unknown bag seeds #1 GroBro757
Unknown bag seeds #1
1 comment · 1 day ago
1 week
+2 strains
3 comments · 2 days ago
Gelato Auto
2 weeks
Gelato Auto manningtagarook
Gelato Feminized
7 comments · 23 hours ago

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Amazing tent. It maximizes the efficiency and coverage of your light. I got better PPFD numbers at the same light distance than my old tent. Best grow tent for the money for sure. On par with Gorilla for half the price.
3 days ago
Meilleur tente que j'ai eu jusqu'à maintenant a un prix ridicule
1 week ago
Beautiful well worth the money and not as expensive as some others very well built, i have the fan with humidity control, filter, shears, ties, and when the 3x3 programmable led halo light comes out I'm getting that too, awesome brand
2 weeks ago
Very well built and contained everything very nicely. No problems with pests or smell!
2 weeks ago
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