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HSO Bubba Kush Auto

11 months ago
HID / 600W
FL / 600W
Room Type
Humboldt Seeds - Bubba Kush Auto
Bubba Kush Auto
Humboldt Seeds

Growing it




Grow was great, taste and smell are nice, smaller yield due to I believe heat stress. Nice chill out strain.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
5 plants
Number of plants harvested
600 watt
Total light power used
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
15% Sativa
85% Indica

Positive effects

Commented by amon_grows amon_grows

Nice strain for night time, take this and chill

KushFairy week 10

What were your feeding schedules like. Your grow looks amazing. I’m using cns17 also but this is my first grow so not to sure yet


@KushFairy, thank you for the kind comment. Full disclosure...I don't grow in coco so you may want to put your question up in the questions section for coco growers to give you their feedback. That said, I will tell you what I do for my rockwool ebb & flow recirculating system, and some of these general rules of thumb should also apply to you: 1) Follow the CN17 feeding sheets for grow and bloom. If you are following the feeding sheet you should be somewhere around 3.5 milliliters (ml) grow nutrients for about 1/2 gallon of water (7 ml for full gallon). Once you have this measured out in your 1/2 gallon container (I saw you were feeding 1/2 gallon water so that is why I am referencing 1/2 gallon), you should check the electrical conductivity of the water before feeding it to your plant. General rule of thumb is you should be feeding around 400-500 total ppm for your EC/TDS seedlings, ~900 ppm for veg and 1000-1400 ppm flowering (depending again on the nutrients and stage of growth). Two things to remember is 1) if your water feeding will not be effective if you are not using the right level of acidity in your water (PH). For your babie(s) to get the most benefit from your nutrients def make sure your PH is properly set before feeding the babies. This will insure your nutrients don't go to waste and your babies don't suffer deficiencies. Seedlings for the first two weeks do very well on just plain water to be honest. I know much of this is pretty well known so apologies if I am restating the obvious. For seedling you will be good with 6.1-6.3 PH with a general target PH of 5.8 being good for the rule of thumb overall. 2) If you are using tap water check your EC or ppm of it before adding nutrients to it. Tap water will already have between 200-800 ppm (depending on the quality of it). For example, my tap is around 650 without adding nutrients so its terrible. If I were to use tap water, it would reduce the amount of nutrients I can add to the water which in turn is a terrible way to start. For that reason I reccomend using RO water even if you have to buy a 5 gallon jug from grocery store for your grow. This is actually what I do with about 3 5 gallon jugs a week for my two tents. For coco feeding I would just make sure once your nutrient solution is dialed in, that you check the weight again of the container before next feeding. If the container is still moist and feels like there is still water weight let it dry out a bit more before feeding. Less is more, and in the case of watering your medium, its much better to let them wait a little longer than to drown them in water.

You asked about my feeding schedule specifically, so I will share although again its not identical to coco. I flood my botanicare ebb & flow trays about 2-3 times a day depending on the growth stage they are in. I lift my 6x6 rockwool cubes daily to make sure the feeding schedule is in tune with how much water they are drinking. I use a timer on my water pump and then normally check my TDS daily just to make sure its not spiking up. The more water your plants drink the higher concentration of nutes which are left in the resevior. So pouring in plain RO water to my depleted resevoir will help bring the EC / PPM back down to where I want to be if needed. Genernally speaking I change out my res every couple of weeks. I'll be curious to learn from your coco grow and how the Botanicare CNS17 line does. I've been a Botanicare pureblend user since 2012 and love it, but I'm very curious how the CNS17 does. It looks like the benefit with the CNS17 line is it contains the cal mag and micro nutrients normally needed to purchase in addition to the veg nutes. I would be cautious to keep an eye on signs for calmag deficiencies if you are using RO water. CNS17 without additional cal mag may not be enough as your babies get bigger. Happy growing to you KushFairy! Hope this helps... - amon

Removed week 10

Happy harvest day:green_heart: check my grows out if you like.

Buddha2 week 10


WhiteSmoke week 10

Nice Work man :i_love_you_hand_sign::skin-tone-3: