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Buddha2 Master
Gorilla Glue Auto
Growing it
I do not really know how to rate this strain. It is advertised as auto, but if you look for diaries of this strain you will see that for many people it will not flower or need extremely long time. So I think @autoseeds has some homework to do.

As flower did not start automagically, it spent way too long time in preflower which resulted in a too short flower period. I'm sure if grown correctly, she could have yielded more than double the amount.

Smell and taste are not really pleasant for me. It is not exactly bad, it just doesn't match my personal taste. But hey, de gustibus non est disputandum. It is very herby with hints of sour, mint and cat piss :blush: I'm sure some people will enjoy it, but if you prefer a sweet or skunky taste, this one is not for you.

The effect is ok, above average, but not as good as Shiva Skunk or HiJack.

I definitely want to grow this strain again, but I think I will treat it as photoperiod from the beginning next time. I definitely love her robustness. She never complained about anything and caused no other issues.
3 months ago
Buddha2 Master
Zkittlez Auto
Growing it
Quantity is great, but the quality is not as good as with her sister. She is very similar, but everything is a bit lighter: Smell, taste and effect. Also the buds themselves are looking much brighter, not as dark as her sister. Smoke is still a bit harsh, but it was cured for only some days. However her sister was perfectly smokable even without any cure. I think I overdried her a bit because humidity was extremely low, so I should have put them into jars one day earlier.

Buds are extremely dense and rock solid. They are the densest buds I harvested so far. Almost 60g fit into the box that typically will hold just 40g average. This gives an idea about the crazy density.

Still very good weed and I will definitely grow this strain again. I want to learn what exactly she wants. It is the most picky strain I grew so far.
4 months ago
Buddha2 Master
Hijack Automatic
Growing it
This is a great strain for beginners. It grows by itself and extremely fast and is quite forgiving. She was also affected by my overwatering which certainly has impacted the yield, but she could handle it much better than the Zkittlez.

Even without any cure the smell is unbelievable; I think it is the strongest smell I ever experienced. You do not need to burn it in order to get stoned :grin: It smells and tastes extremely sweet, almost like caramel or cookies. The effect focuses on the head, it is very uplifting, almost euphoric. This is combined with some mellow body stone. I think day smokers could like it as it does not make you sleepy at all.

Will definitely grow again in the future.
4 months ago

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