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First ever grow. Clones, summer 2019

6 months ago
Indica Custom Breeder & Strain
Room Type
weeks 5,6,...
week 5
Custom Breeder & Strain - Indica
Custom Breeder & Strain

Growing it




Grew very well for first time ever. Very pleased.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
15% Sativa
85% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Got it from a local shop on sale. No complaints

This is from a previous grow last summer but I wanted my grow online.

I found it worked out surprisingly well overall for my first grow and loved the everyday care of them. Looking back after I have started a new grow, there is nothing huge that I would do much different; EXCEPT....

1. Defoilation is a thing, lost a few buds to mold.

2. My buds did not tighten at all. I am not to the harvesting point of my second grow, so havnt done research, but this is a breakdown I had of what marked down that I did....

"To harvest, cut base, avoiding touching buds, hang upside down for 1 week at 18 degrees, 60% humidity. Huge fan leaves can be cut off. Constant slow airflow. Somewhere dark. If only top buds are mature, harvest them. Give another week or 2 for tiny buds to grow some, then harvest the rest.

Dry enough when branches will be slightly elastic and bend, but when fully bent, will snap. (Took 10 days) Trim tiny fan leaves at base as much as possible until hidden from sight. Trim excess leave tips that do not have Crystals. You can trim more to make tighter buds, and collect the cuttings to smoke (harsh) or decarb and make butter. (I chose to leave everything that had crystals) Put all buds in a SEALED metal or glass container for ~3 weeks. Burp daily."

Would anyone have any tips or advice as to why my buds are still looking like tumbleweed? Lol

Grow Questions
Mosherd7 week 13 started grow question 6 months ago
Buds won't tighten
Can anyone explain what I did wrong in my harvest/trimming/curing that made all my weed look like tumbleweed? Lol

*Process used with pics is in my growdiary
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Parceveinte4 answered grow question 5 months ago
Genetics + humidity + airflow

I encountered the same problem, after just finishing my first grow. I have a carbon filter set up but wasnt running it enough, allowing RH to go up to 80-90% for short periods. After the first two plants that were fluffy like yours, I kept the filter going so that RH stayed at 65% max, 50-60% average, added more fans, and kept temps lower (75ish instead of 80s) and the result was much, much tighter buds. This was the same strain, same breeder, same batch, just different RH.
Try lowering RH/stabilizing it, getting 32watts/ft^2, and better airflow.
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Mosherd7 week 13

Top Possible Reasons for airy buds may have been...(If no one finds issues with my drying/curing process)

1. Not enough light during flowering stage (Honestly this was balcony weed, so it seen daylight for 12 hours a day, but only received juicy direct light for ~4 hours a day)

2. Heat during flowering
(We had a weeks worth of 30 degree Celsius weather, after 3 days of stress I brought them inside under CFLs temporarily)

3. Not a lot of air to the inside buds (Doubt this is it, but it could of used a defoilation)