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CreeCXB3590 COB 1.7g/w|First Time Grower

1 year ago
Room Type
LED (1000W)
Vegetation Lights
LED (1000W)
Flowering Lights
Mephisto Genetics - Sour Hound F2
Sour Hound F2
Mephisto Genetics

Growing it




My favorite strain out of the bunch, incredibly satisfied with this strain, i could smoke it forever. Luckily i got 2 more beans, maybe i should buy more before they stocked out as i believe Mephisto dont breed there seeds for long so its gone... gone forever lol. :sob:
But overall a amazing and fun strain to grow, the nugs were all extremly dense, fat and just carried alot of weight to each nug. They were massive on the kola but once taken down and cured it was like little golf balls.
The smell calms me on its own, wish i scould describe it... sour,sweet,citrusy,dank smell? Fuck knows :sweat_smile:
and it looks great, nice light green with a shit ton of red pistils :heart_eyes:
The strain looked amazingly beautiful guys, all the buds were large and dense and had value, it was honestly just a beauty and we took our time giving this strain a A trimming. Best looking nuggets in town.
Defiantly going to grow this strain again and i highly recommend it for beginners, pretty easy strain to grow just watch out for mold as the buds lean towards the indica side and are pretty dense and solid. I sadly ran into mold with this strain but it was only at the tip of the main super dense fat kola and my humidity was 60% .
I really love this strain guys :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
8 plants
Number of plants harvested
125 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
20% Sativa
80% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

Love this brand. Great for beginners as its quite hard to overfeed and has a pretty simple feeding schedule. Its also organic so it takes away your flushing worries and adds value to your herb, hippies love there organic weed. Worthy of every penny.

:relieved:Fuck that was alot of work :sweat_smile:Sorry for the late update, been enjoying myself too much latey :innocent:
Anyways that was a lovely experience and glad it could happen.
The yield blew me away, we ended up with around 1.7kg of trimmed, dried and cured bud... :dizzy_face:
Althou the last 2 strain did come out pretty shit :disappointed:.
I believe it was the Lemon Auto (The seeds got mixed up a long time ago:no_mouth: , some were tagged thou)
Its smells like sewage...? Its not mold.. and the RQS Diesel Auto Foxtailed extremly bad... these were both the last 2 plants to get cut down.
Our average humidity was always above 60% so naturally we ran into some mold, not too bad but it did take down some big buds, i would say max 30g of bud was affected by mold but hey we made dabs with it:sunglasses:
Defiantly need to invest in a commercial sized dehumidifier and there goes the power bill :unamused:
Remember the 9th plant that got quite sick and i took outside to die, she came back alive and started rebudding, gave a decent yield, didnt weight it out as we just made live bho dabs. Fuck the dabs are potent, ive been smoking brick weed dabs all my life and now this :joy::heart_eyes:
The sugar leaves make some pretty decent dabs, going to make bubble hash soon.
I hate trimming. For the next grow defiantly going to do some heavy mainlining to make the harvest job easier. I dont mind the extra wait and i believe the coco will have fast recovery times. I also have my feeding schedule sorted out, having a buddy experiment with my new improved schedule and his plants are looking 110%. I ran into alot of problems but they were rookies mistakes, my own fuck ups Im positive the next grow will be much smoother. It was a fun learning curve. :muscle:
Flushing... sorry to say sounds like bro science to me, dont get me wrong i do believe in gradually lowering your EC/ppm nut not straight out giving it only water for the last 2 weeks especially in coco. I actually only gave 1 of my plants water molasses for the last week and i noticed no notifiable differences... smoked after 1 month cured. So yeah i ain't the biggest believer of those crazy flushes. :ghost:
So hear are the final yields:
Sour Hound : My favourite, has the best smell and just looks amazing. Dense fat nuggets
Sour Hound V2 : This one came outt abit ugly, and took much longer to finish
so i believe the weight is due to it being in the tent longer with more space.
White Train : So far seems to be our most potent strain and another good looking nug.
White Train v2 : Also came out abit ugly like the Sour Hound's V2 and took longer to finish.
White Dwarf : Beautiful strain, not the biggest punch but nice and mellow.
White Dwarf V2 : The CalMag baby, ran into a calmag problem so was permantly scarred with the calmag plague and lost its beauty.
RQS Diesel : The last harvested plant along the Lemon. Heavy foxtail...
So far at 184g, with still loads to weigh out.
Lemon Auto: Stinks like sewage...
So far at 177g, with few buds to weigh out.
Gram per watt = 1.7g/w -
Mutant : Single Kola
Around 20g
Lemon Auto:
Around 30g
Indoor - Outdoor Dab slave:
Filled up a 90g BHO Tube.. wasn't stuffed.
I highly apologize for the lack of highly quality bud shots, lost access to that good camera and ive been really stoned lately guys :unamused::unamused::unamused:
I forgot to add week 14 15 in guys, if your interested i added those logs to Week 13, go check it out. 0

Grow Questions
Dabout week 13 started grow question 1 year ago
Growing in Coco organically opinions? How is the microbe/enzyme life in coco? Should i feed each watering? With Runoff? How long does organice nutes take to breakdown? Currently adding Microbe/Enzyme additive to my feeding to help with organic nutes to break down?
Leaves All Leaves Seem Affected
Show all Answers (3)
Jeff123fish answered grow question 1 year ago
You have some very in-depth questions that maybe different for every nute brand you buy but in general microbes live for up to two weeks. As for the speed at which nutes break down Iโ€™m not sure as it would depend on a lot of factors and exactly what you are asking for me to answer. So in my humble opinion you could cut back the microbe use to once a week with out having any adverse affects
frags week 14

Congrats man

bobo420 week 14

Congratulations on the harvest ;)

ThatGuyWhoFishes week 14

Really well done on the outcome man!
I've been following your grow for the past few weeks and you've really done so well for your first grow.
I must also say a huge thanks to you and your buddy for helping me out with my grow. I'd be nowhere without help from you guys. Hopefully you guys get to test out my product sometime too :sunglasses::grin:

biggreens420 week 14

Nice harvest gpw ratio is wicked nice looking tight buds congratulations

Mr_fluffy week 14

Congrats mate What an awsome grow and yield :+1::skin-tone-3::+1::skin-tone-3::+1::skin-tone-3::+1::skin-tone-3:

SomeLikeItGrow week 14

crazy man!

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