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Fish-Mix enables substrates to stimulate bacterial flora and accelerate growth. It is an infusion of organic fish emulsion from the North Sea mixed together with extract of Dutch sugar beet. Fish-Mix boosts growth of all living organisms in the substrate, as well as improving and stimulating production of microorganisms and useful bacteria in every type of soil and coco-based substrates.

Use from the second week of the growing period, during the flowering period till the harvest.

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LSD Auto - Barney's Farm
12 weeks
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LSD Auto
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Hulkberry - Fourth Farm ButterfliesLittleFarm
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13 weeks
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FastBuds LSD-25
9 weeks
FastBuds LSD-25 Gardener_of_Goodness
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FastBuds - Purple Lemonade
9 weeks
FastBuds - Purple Lemonade Gardener_of_Goodness
Purple Lemonade
21 comments · 9 months ago
The Last Jedi
23 weeks
The Last Jedi MrJones
Jedi Kush
191 comments · 7 months ago


Organic Nutrient Yes
Nutrient TypeExperimental nutrient like: organic bacteria, undisclosed formulas, exotic molecules, etc
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Release Year: Previously Released

Chemical composition




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Con biobizz jamás tuve quemaduras por exceso de nutrientes, las plantas siempre se vieron cómodas y sanas
Fiducia completamente ripagata, mai un problema, sostegno e forza alla pianta sia in fase vegetativa che in fase di fioritura. È sufficiente seguire le tabelle indicate da BioBizz, curare con i giusti ritmi i cicli di irrigazione, ed il gioco è fatto. Anche outdoor in inverno!
I use the whole line except root juice, which I think is to shoot sparrows with cannons, if otherwise one has given seeds some good soil to grow in. which I explain to a friend about the difference between using organic fertilizer like bio bizz that you do not have to worry so much about how the plants develop, because they get the most optimal conditions to grow in, unlike people who grow plants with chemical products, where you really have to know what to do and be above the plants to intervene if something is not right. its kind just does not happen when using bio bizz and him I have to compare with (he grows hydro phonic and with chemicals) I make a 3 times as big yield. so the results speak their own clear language, the more you try to approach the premises of nature and let the plants do what they are best at, the more enjoyment time for you and no stress for you use Bio Bizz
Amazing compare to previous grow

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Great nutrients! Creates happy roots.