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Organic Greenhouse autoflowering

Approved by Barney's Farm
3 months ago
Room Type
weeks 8,9
Barney's Farm - Critical Kush Auto
Critical Kush Auto
Barney's Farm

Growing it




First Time growing autoflo from barneys. Critical kush grows fast and big, very good genetics.

She produced nice and thick buds that smell like a mix of pine and citrus, the buds are sticky as !
16 week from seed to buds.

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
Photos & Videos
Zkittlez OG Auto
Delivery to Spain
New release coming soon
Gender Feminised
Genes 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Harvest 600 g/m²
THC 23.0%
9,99 €
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Critical Kush Auto
Delivery to Spain
Critical Kush Auto, formerly known as Critical Rapido, is a powerful indica-dominant blend of Critical Kush and BF Super Auto #1. The THC level is 15%.This autoflowering plant is ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks. It has a small size, usually 50 cm and no more than 90 cm. The yield reaches 600g / m2. Critical Kush Auto is suitable for growing in any conditions, even in a cool climate. We recommend using filters because of the possible strong smell.The smoke gives a moderate stone body effect and it is ideal for relaxation. The strain has an earthy, pine and Kush flavor.
Gender Feminised
Genes 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Harvest 550 g/m²
THC 15.0%
25,00 €
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Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica
Grow Questions
Kroustiflex week 2 started grow question 6 months ago
Is LST a Good idea for those autoflo ?
Should i try LST on some of those ladies or should i just let them be ? (Not right now but within the 2 next weeks). I saw it was possible to make LST on autoflo in the first 3 weeks but is it really gonna mate the crop bigger or is it just gonna stress the plant ?
Techniques. LST
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TheCode answered grow question 6 months ago
Yea man LST IS tha best , Low Stress Training or LST is like bonsai for cannabis plants. It’s the practice of gently bending stems and tying them in place to drastically change the shape of the plant. This is done to create multiple bud sites, even out the canopy, and overall help you use light more efficiently. Using LST can increase marijuana yields without changing your setup, and it's also surprisingly fun! I myself train my autos as early as I can but I try to wait and make that stem grow a little bit longer from the soill because when i start bending all the stems they get kinda very close to the soil and it gets a little bit more tricky to water but it's all good!

Why settle with just one big cola when you could have many huge colas?
Kroustiflex week 3 started grow question 6 months ago
What do you think of this LST ?
What do you think of my LST ?
Setup. Strain - Autoflowering
Techniques. LST
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Shagrath answered grow question 6 months ago
Looking good! Im not sure that you need to do lst just yet but its looking good and keep bending when new growth comes :ok_hand::skin-tone-6:
Kroustiflex week 5 started grow question 5 months ago
Are they gonna grow big ?
Plant. Other
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Bostongirl17 answered grow question 5 months ago
Hey there :wave:
Looks good!
She’s got leaves coming in and they will help her photosynthesize. Growth is slow in the beginning. Give her 2-3 weeks and you'll see sudden growth.
Happy Growing :seedling:
Kroustiflex week 5 started grow question 5 months ago
Indoor autos light
I’d like to try growing autos indoor, what would be the best lamps for lests say 15 autos ?
Setup. Lighting
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Cheeba_Inu answered grow question 5 months ago
The newest generation of white LEDs are really the way to go! They have the best effeciency/dollars per watt, and you will really save tons of money with them (unless you need the light to actually heat your space). I run lights from HLG which are a great option. The individual fixture(s) you choose would depend on the actual grow/tent size even beyond the amount of autos. I am guessing you are doing at least a 4x4, maybe a 6x6 space for 15 plants? If so this is a great light:

You are aiming for a ppfd of around 700 for optimal lighting/photosynthesis. Here is a really helpful link that uses a lot of grow light science if you are interested!

For a budget option the new Mars hydro lamps with white LEDs also give some really nice results, and are more widely available!

Hope that helps! :+1:
Kroustiflex week 8 started grow question 5 months ago
Booster / Buds
Is it ok to spray some booster on the young heads ?
Should I only spray the big leaves ?
(GD booster, organic)
Feeding. Other
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Shagrath answered grow question 5 months ago
Hi there!

Yes it is safe to use boosters on buds too!

I use foliar with my flowering plants up until the flowers are formed big enough and there is the danger of moisture staying inside the buds and causing rot. With small buds and proper wind/airflow there is absolutely no worries!
Kroustiflex week 9 started grow question 5 months ago
Defoliate or not defoliate ?
Should I defoliate or not ? Pro / cons
Techniques. Defoliation
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DrJynx86 answered grow question 5 months ago
Do not defoliate, specially on outdoor plants, the more leaves the better, as light is not directional from the top and the sun moves around the plant.

They look amazing!
Kroustiflex week 10 started grow question 4 months ago
How long ?
How long more do you think they need ?
Buds. Other
Fusion answered grow question 4 months ago
Few weeks still
Kroustiflex week 11 started grow question 4 months ago
Any tricks to see the trics ?
How can i see the trics without a microscope ?
Buds. Other
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 months ago
Since you're outdoors try taking close up shots at different times of the day. Morning, afternoon, evening when she has different light available. Use the flash, and if you were able you could always bring a light outside to shine on her while you take photos just to boost that clarity.
Kroustiflex week 11 started grow question 4 months ago
Close to harvest ?
Close to harvest ? I recon they need 1 or 2 more weeks (as the trichomes are milky almost on all the buds)
The pistils are still pretty white (i d say 30% of them turned orange)
Buds. Other
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Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 4 months ago
Hey growmie...

Yes you are very close to harvest. Even though most of the trichomes are cloudy already you want to wait now until 50-70% of the white hairs have turned brown then she'll be ready to chop down.

Hopefully this was helpful and remember Happy Growing and Free your mind one puff at a time.
Kroustiflex week 11 started grow question 4 months ago
Food dehydrator, good to dry weed ?
What do you guys think of food dehydrator to dry weed ?
I saw some pple are using this.
Other. Harvest - Drying
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Bloombuster answered grow question 4 months ago
Hi bro! :wave: There are cases of drying in such a device, but the problem is that it will overdry your inflorescences, these devices have no hygrometer and cannot stop the drying process in time! Do not recommend these methods! The best methods are long drying! The longer, the better, but stop at 60% humidity, after fermentation in jars - only in this way you get a quality product! :ok_hand: :wink: :+1: Good luck, bro!
Kroustiflex week 12 started grow question 4 months ago
Is it ready yet ?
Time to harvest ?
Other. Harvest - Drying
Show all Answers (2)
Bloombuster answered grow question 4 months ago
Greetings, friend! :wave:
The seed producer promises that this girl has a flowering period of 10-11 weeks! 70-77 days! You've had seven weeks of flowering, since you started blossom at week 6 and not at week 5, as you indicated in the diary. Having considered, we go out for the rest of 21-28 days! You have 2 more weeks to grow on fertilizers and then a week of Flush! :point_up_2:
Good luck bro! :fist: :innocent:
Kroustiflex week 13 started grow question 3 months ago
You grommies got some zpecial tipz for trimming and drying ?
Whats your special technique ? How long ? Humidity ? Curing ? I wanna know everything !
Other. Harvest - Drying
Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 3 months ago
Hey Growmie,

Ideally, I'd recommend trimming while your buds are still wet, as it’s easier, more precise, and you don’t risk losing resin from agitation as you do when handling dry buds. That said, dry trimming can make for an exceptionally manicured product worthy of a top-shelf position on looks alone.the drying stage takes about 7–12 days, depending on the above factors. During this time, your buds will lose a lot of water, meaning they’ll shrink in size and lose a lot of weight, too. Most growers will cure their weed for around a month; however, curing for 4–8 weeks will really get the most flavor and aroma out of your buds. When curing the ideal humidity is between 55-62 % RH. Hopefully, I answered your question and remember ..."Happy Growing" and "Free your mind one puff at a time".
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