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3x Cbd Crack + Cheese + NL x BB All Auto

7 days ago
Room Type
FastBuds - CBD 1.1 aka CBD Crack
CBD 1.1 aka CBD Crack

Growing it




Will report after 1 week water cure.

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
200 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
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Tastes like
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


It gives them nutes.

Chopped at third node as per Basement Ganja as done in some of his grows. She bounced back amazing and trained out into perfect shape for flower. My biggest buds I've ever harvested. I have a bunch more of these I will happily grow when I have time/space and room dedicated to growing more. For now it's on to other strains! Great strain, really.

Started to foxtail out while being huged. Decided to chop on day 79 (may 13th broke soil)

Grow Questions
Uberfetus week 3 started grow question 2 months ago
How high should my sf1000s be in a 3x3 tent? I have them at 26 inches. 3 week old plants showing a bit of nitrogen leaf curling. Should I go to 30"?
Setup. Lighting
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Nobody01 answered grow question 2 months ago

shows 28"x28" footprint for 1 light. @18" it's a 500 umol/s blanket coverge, which is great for a mature vege'ing plant. 2 in a 3x3 might be too much. ~500 would be the minimum you want for bloom, for reference.

12" with 2 in a 3x3 could work -- as long as you don't see fewer trichomes at top as it deveolops... should occur top-down. if not, it's a sign they are evaporating due to heat or too many photons of energy. if you ever see buds below more rip than above, it's very likely your lights are too close regardless of other specs.

you're tent size isn't optimal for your footprint in vege, but it can work. you'll just have a hot spot in middle at 24-30" for vege. In bloom it'll be better due to a roughly ~1" strong footprint, but with overlap, you'll have a solid coverage in your tent at 12-16". it'll be weak at front and back, though (or any 2 sides.) line your equipment on one wall, and that takes care of it, lol. offcenter lights where plants are.

a rectangle shape is better for you. a 4x2 would kick ass with those lights in bloom, i bet. custom 48x30?

get a cheap lux meter for $10. it'll allow you to even out the coverage. if specs are accurate, the lux can even it out just as well as a PPFD meter. anyway, along with their par readings and 28x28 coverage, you can pick a height, then lux meter can help you even it out with spacing/positioning of lights.
Uberfetus week 4 started grow question 2 months ago
Is she a runt?
Would my front cbd crack (Urbie) be considered a "runt"? Or is she a nice size? She's identically topped to the one in the back corner with the blue name stake. Same time planting, same everything.

Plant. Too short
Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 2 months ago
My guess is the way you have your plants placed and your lights turned she's just not getting the same amount of light as the others. Why I prefer straight lines for my pots so I can then set my lights according to a lux meter reading around my plants! Other than that she's growing fine. Perhaps rotate your plants around in the tent to help even out light coverage! Happy growing!
Uberfetus week 6 started grow question 1 month ago
Not enough water for this beast in an airpot.
My nlxbb is huge and in a small airpot. I've watered 2 litres everyday the last 3 days. It seems when I wake up the pot is always light no matter how much water I give her. Should I be watering until I see water pouring out the bottom? I usually separate watering by a Cpl hours
Other. General questions
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gmslave answered grow question 1 month ago
Yes untill you see 20 to 30 % runoff. Needs lots of water with those planters to soak the entire root systm. But let dry good before doing again
Uberfetus week 7 started grow question 1 month ago
I have a plant with some disease symptoms. Weird stripes in the leafs and some dead leaves one at a bud site reference week 7 cbd crack Urbie. She doesn't seem to be drinking too much as she's still heavy while all the others are gulping water like crazy. Any help is appreciated.
Leaves. Color - Pale
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ShotGunBob answered grow question 1 month ago
There are a few things that can couse this. I had a couple of plants under 24 hours of light and they always had problems with the leaves when they got into flower. 70% humidity is a little high for flower and maybe that's why one of your plants don't drink. Btw your plant doesn't look stressed or ill to me.
Uberfetus week 8 started grow question 4 weeks ago
NLXBB Is she Rootbound? Drinking 2 L a day in 2 Gal Airpot
My NL x BB is drinking about 2 liters a day. The top leaves aren't up as often these days. They are almost always in a constant state of going up and down. Can she possibly be rootbound in an airpot? Or it's just the fluctuations of wet > dry going sooo fast every day?
Plant. Wilting
Roots. Other
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Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 4 weeks ago
Are you watering to runoff and soaking the entire pot? If not the roots might not have grown very big. I'm putting in about 2.25 - 2.5 gallons of water per plant every 3 days in my 5 gallon pots.. Roots won't grow where the substrate is dry.. :facepunch:
Uberfetus week 10 started grow question 3 weeks ago
Plant seems frozen in time starting around W5 flower. Hasn't put out any new calyxes. Doesn't drink much water
This girl hasn't put out any new hairs in weeks. She seems frozen in time. Doesn't seem like she's drinking water either... But it's only week 6, and she looks healthy right? Any Reason why she hasn't been putting out more calyxes? Phenotype thing? She seemed to stop a while ago.
Buds. Not fattening
HarbingerOfHarvests answered grow question 3 weeks ago
she looks fairly small.. size is directly related to output.. If that's how big she got that's how big she got.. If there are no new calyxes.. That is all she wrote.. How do the trichomes look are they developed and mature?
Uberfetus week 11 started grow question 2 weeks ago
Time to harvest? 8.5 week cheese.
Is it harvest time for the Cheese? There are still white hairs. She's at 8.5 weeks, don't pay attention to the weeks listed. Do I have to wait for those white hairs to fade away? If not then, Thursday afternoon. Trichs are 80 percent cloudy 5% amber.
Other. General questions
Kalel88 answered grow question 2 weeks ago
I'd say another week if you want more amber for heavy high. But watch each day closely, maturity can happen fast. You want at least 50/50 amber cloudy, but it's your preference
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