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Trainwreck timelapser

2 years ago
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Grow medium
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weeks 4,5,...
Sweet Seeds - Sweet Trainwreck Auto
Sweet Trainwreck Auto
Sweet Seeds

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We love Sweet Seeds strains:ok_hand:

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What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
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100 watt
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Grow Room
Grow Room size
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100% Sativa
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Grow Questions
blacknpearl week 3 started grow question 3 years ago
When to transplant Auto from fabric pot to a bigger final fabric pot
I have my auto in a 1 gallon fabric pot and I want to transplant it to a bigger 5 gallon pot. How do I know when to do it?
After doing some research online a lot of people do it 1 week before she starts flowering but since it's an auto I can't choose when I filp her to bloom.
Setup. Strain - Autoflowering
rhodes68 answered grow question 3 years ago
Just take your fabric pot and sit it inside its new home, do not attempt to save that pot they are cheap and you will be able to recover it later.
LITERALLY just sit the plant in its current pot in the larger one and of course cover.
The roots will grow right through the old pot like it isnt even there.
Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 3 years ago
Normally with an auto you want to start it in the finishing pot. Usually a 3 gallon is sufficient. I'd say do it sooner than later. So she can build a good root structure before flowering! Happy Growing! :i_love_you_hand_sign::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Harlz answered grow question 3 years ago
I think its actually best to start it in its final pot for an autoflower. Having one or two real healthy nodes is enough for transplant, but you have to be gentle.
blacknpearl week 10 started grow question 2 years ago
Defoliating bud size
Hi guys!
Should I keep defoliating at this stage?
Also is it just me (first grow ever) or the buds should be bigger this far along?
Buds. Not fattening
The8thChevron answered grow question 2 years ago
You need more phosphorus for your buds (if the nutrient section in your journal is accurate). Blue diesel is a sativa strain, I believe, so the buds won't always get as fat but the colas will be very long and dense. Again, up the phosphorus by a lot and keep the nitrogen down where it's at. I recently picked up Humboldt's Secret Flower Stacker for this purpose.
DoDrugs420 answered grow question 2 years ago
Nah man, its fattening up well, it fattens up the most in the last couple of weeks, nice timelapses btw, you can notice the growth from one to the other. If you put both running side by side and look closely it becomes obvious they are getting fatter.
Nice plant.
blacknpearl week 10 started grow question 2 years ago
When to start flushing and harvest
How will I know when the plant is pretty much done?
Meaning when do I stop giving her nutrients and start to flush her and then harvesting?
Other. General questions
Happy_Farmer answered grow question 2 years ago
Check the tricomes!
First of all you need to know when you want to harvest on base of tricomes, 90/10% (cloudy/amber) is the moment when the plant is with all is power of thc. That gives you more like a head high, of more amber % you harvest more sedative feeling you may fell.
Base on that, if you want the strong head high start flushing when the tricomes is 70/20 ( cloudy/ clear Tricomes).
If you want more a sedative type of feeling you may start flushing when the tricomes is like 80/20 cloudy amber!
Normally o flush 15-10 days is enough for your plant don’t starving!
Wish it helps!

Check my diarie if you want !
Peace :v:
The8thChevron answered grow question 2 years ago
You still have 4 weeks or so it looks. Start flushing in 3 weeks. I don't recommend flushing at all honestly, because it only accomplishes starving the plant, but 3 weeks if you must flush.
DoDrugs420 answered grow question 2 years ago
Looks like its missing just some weeks but please don't flush all it does is starve the plant during the moment that the plant is fattening up the buds the most, its a loss in yield for no difference in the smoking experience.

For harvest ask again in 2 weeks.
blacknpearl week 12 started grow question 2 years ago
Ready to harvest?
Is her ready to harvest?
Also. Do you guys recommend flushing AND/OR leaving her 48 hours with no light prior?
This is my first grow and I really appreciate your knowledge guys!
Other. General questions
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The8thChevron answered grow question 2 years ago
You have at least 3 weeks left. Don't flush. The only time it does any good is when your soil is too hot. You can put them in darkness if you want. Theres no evidence it helps, but it almost definitely won't hurt.
smoke24 answered grow question 2 years ago
Looks close, but you have to check the trichomes to be completely sure: mostly cloudy with 10-20% amber is good for harvest. You may want to start flushing now if your trichomes are mostly cloudy, I just give em plain water for 2 weeks before harvest, then leave em in the dark for 48 hours. Then you can chop, dry, and cure. Happy growing.
Lillau answered grow question 2 years ago
Trichomes well white still at the top
Look at the base of the plant also
Not all brown
Watch all this microscope
Still 10 days minimum I'll say about
Soon end to see
blacknpearl week 13 started grow question 2 years ago
Ready for harvest?
Is her ready for harvest?
I'm pretty sure she is. But being my first grow I want to make sure :)
Also I haven't flushed. Did I mess it up? Should I do it at this point?
Other. Other
StayWeeded answered grow question 2 years ago
Harvest window is definitely open. I’d personally wait for just a little more amber but your fine either way. Happy harvesting!
levensfiets answered grow question 2 years ago
Looks great mate! Harvest time has come for sure :)
Dont worry too much about the flush imo, but do it if its possible for you.
Weedosaurus answered grow question 2 years ago
Looks really close to harvest, I would just give her one day more.
Too bad for the flushing, yep its too late, it'll make the smoke a bit more acrid but still very smokable.