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Purple Queen Tent Tester Seeds.

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
4 months ago
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Commented by Uk420Show Uk420Show
7 months ago

Here we go the tester seeds from RQS are going in. that makes 8 plants for harvest in around 12 weeks should keep me busy :) New ec meter cam yday so I can start feeding the veg plants now update imminent. It's just dawned on me that Im growing royalty strains with these purple queens along with the King tutukamon strain haha king and queen God im sad lol Well these seeds were as fresh as I have ever had them to the point of green staining around the seed when germing I can only assume it was bits of plant matter left from when they were picked. anyway fastest sproutiing seeds I have ever had.

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GanjaTorturer week 1

Good luck, bring out the colors!


@GanjaTorturer, Cheers man got a few weeks before they are colouring :P only about 12 :P