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Grow #1 - 75watt LED CMOG bagseed

5 months ago
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Grow medium
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weeks 9,3,...
weeks 9,8
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Week 10
12 hrs
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Commented by BermudaCower BermudaCower
7 months ago

All photos from very end of week 4, I'm going to try to keep this schedule to see progress more easily. Previous week photos are from 4 days ago rather than 7.

I noticed burnt tips on the cutting, I think from nutrient burn (versus K+ deficiency). I cut back the dosage. I realized I've been winging it in terms of nute schedule. I began adding just 0.5ml of Micro and Grow this week as I realized some of the micronutrients like Mg, Ca and Zn aren't in the Bloom. I did a couple days of water-only after I suspected the burn.

Two colas are 4-5 inches from the QB at this point. I tied them down very loosely to the tent poles so that they lean slightly away. I think the low wattage of the QB allows me to go a lot closer than the recc'd 12-16inches. I don't see any burnt pistils or leaves on those two.

I also increased airflow between the colas. I usually had the fan pointed towards the tent walls to avoid wind burn. I think my stems would have been thicker if I had more movement from the beginning.

I have an oscillating clip fan arriving soon that will replace the floor fan. I continue to run the inline fan (w/ carbon filter) at the top of the tent 24/7 to draw out heat. The tent is open most of the time during the day too, with a fan in the room.

Grow Questions
BermudaCower week 9 started grow question 7 months ago
Pruning weak branches in week 3 flower?
First grow, flower week 3.
I counted 18 colas today, for a 1.7gal pot and only 75watts of LED, would it be bad to remove 3-4 of the weakest looking ones? Or to remove some of the budding sites lower on the branches that don't get much light? Worried about popcorn buds
Buds. Other
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Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 7 months ago
Absolutely take any you think won't mature. Get all that energy to those top colas where it belongs! .:facepunch:
BermudaCower week 11 started grow question 7 months ago
Joining Photo Contest mid-grow?
It gives a warning before you enter: "Once you joined a contest you will not be able to edit or remove content form your diary."

Does this mean I won't be able to continue updating my journal if I enter? I have a few more weeks of flower left.

Also, do they ship to NYC?

Other. Other
Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 7 months ago
Hey Growmie,

No, it means you won't be able to change the diary your using for the contest or the picture being used, you will be able to update your journal as usual. Hopefully, that answered your question and feel free to ask for advice anytime, and remember ..."Happy Growing" and "Free your mind one puff at a time"
BermudaCower week 11 started grow question 7 months ago
Pruning tiny budsites in WEEK 5 of FLOWERING?
Is it ok to continue removing popcorn budsites during week 5 of flowering? Am I risking a chance of hermie?

I want to remove just 2 per day, every other day, maybe 5-6 of them total.

I always pick a best answer, Thank you!
Buds. Other
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GDub51 answered grow question 7 months ago
Take these small flowers from the lowest least light penetrated parts of the plant, leaving all that have direct light. You also need to remove those fan leaves from down low as well as any others blocking light to a flower. Yes doing a little a day of pruning is always wise and on days the plant has been watered/fed. Look up "monster cropping" and try a lighter version for your first try, removing basically everything that the lights don't reach.
BermudaCower week 14 started grow question 6 months ago
very light amber?
Do these lighter-amber colored ones count as amber?

This is from a bottom bud of a cutting at the end of week 10 flower
Buds. Other
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TheSlimeGrows answered grow question 6 months ago
Everything looks pretty cloudy white/clear to me. You'll know when the trichomes turn Amber
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Very nice looking grow! Good :+1: the rest of the way!