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1 week ago
Cbdream Custom Breeder & Strain
Down To Earth
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Defoliated a container full of damaged leaves.
She looked pretty thin but that would make for easier spraying before lights come on.
Safer brand sulfer spray was recommended to me. I had to make sure THERE WAS NO OIL BASED ANYTHING ON THE PLANT FIRST.
By the looks each day it "seemed as though there was still mite damage". I might be wrong.
Installed the rest of my ventilation system today. Love the airflow now that I have a "real fan" pulling the air through.
I mounted the fan to a beam in our basement with clamps.
Just need something a bit more permanent for when winter hits for around the tubing.
DEFOLIATED (remember?)
After the spraying looking fine. growth 2 days later after defoliating. GREw a lot of new green.
amazing how dense the foliage got again.
after 2 sulfer treatments. looking like the mites may be gone. Only removed 2 leaves this day. Mostly healthy seaming.
Side by side comparison of how the light got to all those kooks and crannies. Unhealthy leaves went bye. The hooked ones and dry ones. Damaged ones.
Last ones taken 9-12
taken 9-12
Last little bits of mite Russet mite damage that is left. Thank goodness most of it is gone now.
Residual mite damage. Plucking these off.
Some crazy bark she's got there.
Russet mite damage and nutrient damage due to the same.
could be nutrient damage or the fact that she is a relative of a blue strain. Have a feeling some calcium is needed and will get some soon. PH in the soil is coming around.
Surgery this week. Had no one to take care of her. Even after having part of a rib taken out and nose opperated on I was dedicated to making sure to stay on top of Sulfur Foliar sprays and ALL schedules. It paid off.
A little weed prn. Just pretty leaves.
She is a little nutrient deprived after PH got really messed up in the living soil by Azamax :( --so Sulfur spray did her some good.
Coffee grounds into some awesome Compost is bringing her Soil PH back around along with some "recharge". Thank goodness.
With all the LST this is what the underneath looks like ATM. Strange shot.
Filing in quickly. All that new growth is so much every day the thickness is going to bee hard to treat for prevention. I think I see flowering in her near future. I just wanted to make sure she was strong. Nutrients were back into her again- SOIL PH stable and NO RUSSETS in site.
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Commented by Aromagurl Aromagurl
6 months ago

Debate: new growth is bright lime green with a yellowish tint. Tons of new growth which is great. However, the stem has this woody look to it was a texture that works it's way up the stem. I am debating whether this is residual damage left from Russet mites or a possible Sulfer deficiency that has developed during all of the pest treatments.
Called Dr. Zymes hotline because have heard great things about their customer service and wanted to use their non-toxic product. Can be a soil drench that can get these buggers in the soil, stem, and foliar. Plus, the way it works bugs never get used to it. They said they will call me back to help me. I hope so. I don't have great luck with these things. The lady at Dr. Zymes told me to give the plant a break based on the little white things I am seeing on the back of the leaves. She said "if you haven't seen any wiggly bugs in a while more than likely you have no bugs ATM and are over-treating the plant". She recommended giving the plant rest for 5 days before using Dr. Zymes as IPM . Foliar spray and Drench. She could be right but both times I hit the plant with Sulfer it loved it which makes me think it has a deficiency of some kind. Brings my head back to the Azamax I used and right after treatment all new growth was bright green and clawed. Soil PH was all of a sudden 8. (used to linger around 6) . Strange.

If the PH is truly 8 then I need to find a way to use some living soil techniques to raise the acidity to help her to absorb the proper nutrients from the soil.-----AND UPDATE: No problem I have found it. Toward the end of the week I was reading "grow your own soil" and it was telling me to add "organic material" . Time for a buncha top dressing of compost. I added some coffee grounds for some added acidity. IT WORKED! The sulfur sprays killed any signs of the russet mites and helped with sulfur deficiency. ----Great! So, much happened this week. She went from looking spindly to being a busy gal on the top. Finally taking up nutrients again and now time to get ready for flowering. She is stunted overall but it is what it is.

I am just out of surgery as of Thursday so I am not in the best of shape to stoop in the tent to do these foliar sprays. Good thing the nice lady at Dr. Zymes said that for now I should leave the plant alone and let it be. She said if I don't see bugs in the scope they are probably not active or alive right now. wait about 5 days before hitting it with Dr. Zymes again. She was going to have someone at their office that knows about "living soil" call me. I felt happy about that and really do hope someone does call me. I have little energy right now and my vision was affected by this surgery so sorry if there are typos or strange stuff when I posed. I'll be back to seeing straight in a week or so. The surgery was on my face so sometimes it affects vision from what I gather. (sinus and migraine functional surgery. ) nothing cosmetic ya'll. I am sooo not that kinda hippie. haha.


Here is the Safer product I tried that I understand is great for mildew. I was told by the people at the grow store not to use it as a soil drench.

The Safer product you need a surfactant to use with it. I got an organic yucca.
Okay well, that's it so far this week. more later.

If anyone wants to know bout any of these products which I will hafta use as prevention in the future just let me know.

Grow Questions
Aromagurl week 9 started grow question 6 months ago
Help. Heat stress? Russet mites for sure. Can she recover? Please look at grow diary 9weeks. I am so new at this and had such trouble with CBDream. Such a touchy medicine plant. Was a weak clone to begin with (now i know) but I could really use advice about recovery.
Leaves. Curl down
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Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
My bad with the lights on the soil. I read bout living soil and roots. I cooked the roots. :( so sad. I was wrong about too much water. Thought nute-lock but no.(that's why i was trying to dry soil) It was actually the mite treatments I think that were the cue de gras. It recovers in a day or so. back to having a healthy smell again and leaves start to look better. sensitive stomata? LIGHTS: turning light intensity up & adding lights for heat on fabric pot was BAD. So, looked at Spyder farm recommends 60-90%. Went one cycle with 80%. last PM. Will check today. can go back up to 85%. Seams to do well there. (before Russet invasion) I have heard of stretching due to light being too weak or far away. When I looked up forums -THANK YOU- (growweedeasy) & articles I learned that long lanky growth can be heat stress too. Too many similar visible symptoms can mean same things. FYI: Removed fan on soil. Hope the one oscillating isn't too much (windburn).
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
Thank you so much! I thought Nitrogen tox too but this is living organic soil(water only). I did give a kelp foliar spray 7 days ago and noticed nit-tox I thought? Residual signs I think now? with living soil not supposed to ever have run off or flush. The organisms in the soil will die. The soil has dried out to "moist" which is "healthy" for microbes. I agree that I DX wrong with most of this. I think multi-things R wrong. I am just so new and no experience. I noticed when spraying "Plant Therapy" for russet Mites the plant reacted right away by curling more yesterday. Sat and observed for 10min. It was immediate. Had that clawing right after Azamax too. (most of you are right I think--too many things going wrong at once) If I make too many changes I won't know what helped the plant'. I know too much heat on roots for certain now after reading up on living soil, root issues and watering practices or living microbes.
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 6 months ago
This doesn't have the outward leaf curl that is common with heat stress.. This can be heat stress.. But it's not the high or the low we worry about so much as the fluctuations.. If your Cannabis is somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30 degrees it can most likely Acclimatize to it's growing space..... I was pleasantly surprised on my last grow with the ability of 4 plants to handle heat stress well in excess of 30 degrees with minor amounts of supplement Co2. A tall and lanky plant is in my opinion and sign of not enough light... If you have high heat and low light then it would do the exact same thing.. If you had high light and high heat.. Your rates of transportation(water intake) would increase. Cannabis can handle exceptional amounts of light.. Your misunderstanding what you are observing..
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Smokin_Joe week 11

Hi dear!

Looking absolutely fantastic now, great that after the defoliation it's bouncing back so quickly (and still looking healthy! - Remember that removing damaged leaves only removes visible reminders that they exists and not the deficiency or issue causing it. Though it does divert energy to healthy growth if you've fixed the issue causing damage)

Definitely do not recommended the GardenSafe product for cannabis - I use it to GREAT affect on my roses, hydrangeas, and non-edible garden items. However I hate that it's active ingredient is neem oil and you CANNOT know what the other 97-99% of the solution is.

HOWEVER: There is a solution. Just get organic neem oil and you can use it as a mist (follow directions, tsp per 36oz water [Ph!] plus tsp of soap for emulsion) and you can also safely use it as a soak.


Wow am I horrible at using this site. haha. Thx for all your thoughts. Your spot on and I agree bout removing damaged leaves. I was hoping, as you said, that her energy would go toward new growth. They will die and fall off eventually. Sad but true. Issues are starting to get fixed slowly as I learn. I know I need to get my climate under control. I am using wettable sulfur for the Russets currently which works WONDERS both for the plant's nutrition and for the mites. A horticulturist / IPM specialist that finally fell into my life like a miracle is guiding me and I am thankful for her advice on this because they are barely there now. I tried a neem product and it wasn't cutting it. Destroyed the ph in my living soil and all the microbes too when I used it as a drench. Btw, however, was NOT pure neem oil (Azamax is the extract of the active constituent of Neem) . It isn't possible to use oil-based products with the Sulfur though so my IPM is all non-oil based ATM. Working wonders though on a plant that has suffered mites for months. Now finally recovering. YEaaaah! I am going to find the product you mentioned and put it on my wishlist so if I should need it in the future I will have it in my bag. haha. I am sure you know it is good to keep things varied for pests.

The one product I had tried that might have sounded like "GardenSafe" was called Safer Brand Fungicide.

(btw I wouldn't buy it on amazon. it is at lowes and other stores for about 9-10$)

That is what started really making a dent in those pesky mites. It is only 12% sulfur and just like the brand you mentioned has 88% other ingredients. I hate that. So, my mentor told me to get elemental micronized sulfur and make my own and use some yucca for sufficient. Works great but it is a huge mess in my tent. Have to leave the powder on the leaves. That is part of what kills them. Eggs too! Great for PM too (although I haven't had that )

Its this product:

(same with this product --I paid 8$ for 4lb bag and probably 10$ for a gallon of yucca extract so not an amazon friendly item either)

Course you might already know about these but I thought I would share. Just make sure to read all safety info. Do not want to be inhaling the sulfur. even though it is considered an organic and natural element.

It won't kill ya but will make it hard to breathe and some people react harshly. Some are more sensitive.

Hope your growing is going well. My best to ya. (sorry so late in response) LOL

CheckThoseTrichs week 11

Looking good! Keep up the good work