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2 weeks ago
Cbdream Custom Breeder & Strain
Down To Earth
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Grow medium
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You can see both intakes here.
The fan blowing on the driver and heat heading out the man vent is working for keeping the tent from getting too hot. As she has gotten bigger and furnace going in the house she and the furnace are heat makers.
Above pic of her footprint
my feet for reference of size with LST training.
Sprayed with micronized Sulfur and yucca. My dilution (I realized after) was a bit strong so there is a lot of residual powder. Plant is fine. More than fine. HAPPY. Will wash off with Dr. Zymes.
Lots of new growth after adding micronized sulfur suspension to soil. PDF on this below.
You can see the powder on the plant but remember crop dusting is as old as time. For 3 days it has kept the Borg at bay
#tanglefoot time again. I am getting better with this very challenging IPM
I unwrapped the old base wrap of tanglefoot. A MESS. then put on a fresh one. ready to catch those suckers.
Auto sensors by Inkbird are saving me. I have humidity set for Not enough moisture to turn on. Just "off" for when too much. Heat just has an alarm for too high or too low but nothing plugged in to the too cold input. (never gets there) Sometimes too hot would happen when furnace kicks but now things seam to be even. In the future this will help a lot with summer (ac kicks and basement freezes) Love these things. --did I say that?
Every time she gets watered without fail she droops. Just can't get over it. It has to be the soil. This soil so far has been a nightmare. Then a day or so, she is perked up.
The "watering" droop. Only temporary.
nutrient deficiencies are getting worse.
even though deficient still she grows. At some point she will stop in this battle for PH in the soil but right now still growing
New growth from the top.
Getting pretty warm at night now. The alarm has been waking my hubs. I sleep "medicated" so not waking up. He goes and turns it off but 80 degrees is a bit warm for plants daytime. Yipes. This gal is very sensitive to heat.
view through the window. Who says you don't use those Velcro windows on the outside of the tent. I do because after she has been treated with micronized sulfur foliar there is dust everywhere for a bit and NO CAN BREATH without a full suit. So sometimes gotta see if she is okay. Basics= got enough water in wells for humidity, isn't dying in there, lights are all good...etc.
Moved to two intake (small clip fans) has been helping with cooling of the light- blowing air on the driver toward the main vent outtake. Also, moved the main vent fan into the tent to reduce noise and straighten out some of the ducting to increase efficiency. IT DID--so needed.
last day of this week--more damaged leaves
now the older growth is yellowing and falling off. Major nute lockout due to PH being so VERY alkaline. I have to get a handle on this for living soil envrio. going to study hard.
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Week 16
18 hrs
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Commented by Aromagurl Aromagurl
5 months ago

When I sprayed her at the beginning of the week with the micro-sulfur I also made a 2-pint mixture (same dilution) and gave it to the soil. I based my decision to use micronized sulfur because it is more readily available to the plant through soil than the pellets. The pellets work more long term. I read this article published in the Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. In the vein of organic farming. I added a small (very small due to the 1/2 gal I was mixing up) bit of bentonite clay given the info in the article) Not sure that made any difference.

As a Clinical Aromatherapist by trade, I always have this on hand but it is very expensive for body applications so probably won't be adding again.

This was a really tough week watching nute lockout damage increase. not really knowing what to do about it to make a huge change from alkaline soil to a more acidic friendly environment.
(I am just learning and am an avid study as well as a Virgo so things tend to be all out with me)
Lemmie share some of the info I have gathered from Knowledgeable books, and PEOPLE. I will list some resources below.

What lowers PH:
Elemental sulfur Pellets in the soil will lower it slowly over time. Micronized mixed with PH water will lower it faster (more easily absorbed by the plant quicker--especially when 10% bentonite is with it. (It really worked)

Epsom Salt foliar or feed or amending. Epsom is= "10% magnesium and 13% sulfur – one reason it’s also referred to as magnesium sulfate".

Adding apple cider vin or white vin to a gal of water. Different sources vary as to how much. Remember tho that vin is PH at around 2.3 approx. Very acidic so I went on the cautious side with the amount. however, I do think it was too much for my plant in terms of change too fast. My soil FINALLY made a change from PH8 all the way to 6 but the plant is slowing growth and having trouble adjusting. I think some teas will help with this. Microbial life must be established again.

Adding organic material to the soil will help with PH that is too alkaline. Microbial life must be intact for this to work is my understanding. Mine --I have a hunch is in dire need of help for some reason. Azamax made sure of that months ago. That was when it went WAY up after a soil drench. before that things were fine in that department. So, ORGANIC MATERIAL= compost, mulches, etc.

As far as I can tell she went through hell weel again this week. Rapid temp shift when we got cold weather and the furnace heated up our basement without my knowledge at nights (gas furnace) . My alarm went off down there and I am sure it got above the Limit for this gal (above 83 deg) . She was showing signs of heat stress and I didn't even realize it. Then her PH swerved quickly from Alkaline to acidic in the 5.8 range with the vinegar treatment. Another STRESS on her. All these changes caused different nutrients to either be in deficit or in excess and it shows in her leaves.

She has really taken it well and the fact that she is still alive is amazing. Will she survive another week or even make it to flower? She really is my "learning plant". Poor thing.

My biggest take away for IPM would def be #DrZymes , #Tanglefoot , and #micronizedsulfer and lastly #cleanroom techniques. (for now) more to come.

This is the micronized sulfur product I got to use. Super cheap at the grow store. 9$ for 4lbs.

Please read all directions before applying.

The next part of IPM this week will be a Dr. Zymes Eliminator Foliar spray and wash off the inside of the tent. All the particles of sulfur will go. I can't go in there right now due to the enclosed space and tiny particulates being airborne from wind movement. I am torn because the sulfur is what is keeping the bugs away but gotta flip to flower.

So the IPM has pretty much been an alternation between Micro-sulfur spray and Dr. Zymes with tanglefoot at base of the trunk and clean room techniques to ensure no re-contamination. I Clean the room about 2 times a week= fans, walls chords - everything with a bleach mixture , peroxide or zymes.

Grow your Soil By Diane Miessler - Elaine R Ingham
Marijuana Garden Saver: A Field Guide to Identifying and Correcting Cannabis Problems by Ed Rosenthal
Marijuana Grower's Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation by Ed Rosenthal

Practical gardening tips for practical gardening. Strictly organic Integrated Pest Management. Specialize in advising cannabis growers. Hablo Espanol


Grow Questions
Aromagurl week 9 started grow question 6 months ago
Help. Heat stress? Russet mites for sure. Can she recover? Please look at grow diary 9weeks. I am so new at this and had such trouble with CBDream. Such a touchy medicine plant. Was a weak clone to begin with (now i know) but I could really use advice about recovery.
Leaves. Curl down
Show all Answers (4)
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
My bad with the lights on the soil. I read bout living soil and roots. I cooked the roots. :( so sad. I was wrong about too much water. Thought nute-lock but no.(that's why i was trying to dry soil) It was actually the mite treatments I think that were the cue de gras. It recovers in a day or so. back to having a healthy smell again and leaves start to look better. sensitive stomata? LIGHTS: turning light intensity up & adding lights for heat on fabric pot was BAD. So, looked at Spyder farm recommends 60-90%. Went one cycle with 80%. last PM. Will check today. can go back up to 85%. Seams to do well there. (before Russet invasion) I have heard of stretching due to light being too weak or far away. When I looked up forums -THANK YOU- (growweedeasy) & articles I learned that long lanky growth can be heat stress too. Too many similar visible symptoms can mean same things. FYI: Removed fan on soil. Hope the one oscillating isn't too much (windburn).
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
Thank you so much! I thought Nitrogen tox too but this is living organic soil(water only). I did give a kelp foliar spray 7 days ago and noticed nit-tox I thought? Residual signs I think now? with living soil not supposed to ever have run off or flush. The organisms in the soil will die. The soil has dried out to "moist" which is "healthy" for microbes. I agree that I DX wrong with most of this. I think multi-things R wrong. I am just so new and no experience. I noticed when spraying "Plant Therapy" for russet Mites the plant reacted right away by curling more yesterday. Sat and observed for 10min. It was immediate. Had that clawing right after Azamax too. (most of you are right I think--too many things going wrong at once) If I make too many changes I won't know what helped the plant'. I know too much heat on roots for certain now after reading up on living soil, root issues and watering practices or living microbes.
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 6 months ago
This doesn't have the outward leaf curl that is common with heat stress.. This can be heat stress.. But it's not the high or the low we worry about so much as the fluctuations.. If your Cannabis is somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30 degrees it can most likely Acclimatize to it's growing space..... I was pleasantly surprised on my last grow with the ability of 4 plants to handle heat stress well in excess of 30 degrees with minor amounts of supplement Co2. A tall and lanky plant is in my opinion and sign of not enough light... If you have high heat and low light then it would do the exact same thing.. If you had high light and high heat.. Your rates of transportation(water intake) would increase. Cannabis can handle exceptional amounts of light.. Your misunderstanding what you are observing..
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Ferenc week 16

Great set up! Happy Growing! @Aromagurl


@Aromagurl,Yeah I am trying to look around really interesting tiny fan leaves and thick thick main stalk....
Well she has been in veg for 18 weeks....PH seems to be alright need some boost of Calcium and Magnesium now bit still a good amount of nitrogen the first 2 - 3 weeks of flowering.... streching phase. Spicy her with some Epsom salt and some banana, orange, apple whatever they like all fruit peels... or (chicken bones and meat only if it is possible because of the smell.....)

The peels are cool...

"Wicked" leaves nicely removed :ok_hand:
Now leave the rest as she needs it to take the energy only do Lollipopping by removing the bottom ones but not now.... later on with time ;)


@Ferenc, Thx. Still working on the "set up". A bit nervous to go into flower due to the fact that the root zone seems to need a bit more heat than the canopy (was reading this is normal) Europe has all these great tube heaters. I am so bummed they charge like 75$ shipping to get them to me. Yipes. haha. If you have any thoughts lemmie know. thx for your comment. :) Happy Growing!