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Recharge is the most powerful soil biology package anywhere! Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations. A little goes a long way – just a 1/2 teaspoon per gallon does wonders!

Recharge is a Bio-Fertilizer and can be used in BOTH ORGANIC & CHEMICAL PRODUCTION to make any fertilization program more efficient and much more effective. Most growers can dial their nutrient program back by about 25% while growing stronger plants with better quality & yields. It sounds too good to be true, but it all starts with the roots. Recharge definitely grows amazing roots for huge fruits.

What separates Recharge from the pack is the specific strains of nitrogen rich bacteria and beneficial fungi that decompose locked up organic materials and deliver them as a usable nitrogen food source for the plant to take as needed. We formulate with organic ingredients and are proud to offer a complete package including: Mycorrhizae, trichoderma, bacillus, molasses, humic, fulvic, and amino acids.

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Gave the plants the ability to explode in veg and make massive gains. In flower I feel it can cause lockout. Maybe it's due to me not being able to water enough instead of Recharge. Still recommend it.
6 months ago
Recharge gave them the ability to soak up the nutes in veg and explode. In flower it felt like it caused lockout so I stopped using it for a couple weeks. But I can't say for sure since I had watering issues and the dryback could of caused lockout due to the salts in the nutes drying.
6 months ago
It's not a grow without recharge. I use this religiously and always find it amazing to watch the girls react after a nice drink mixed with Recharge.
6 months ago
Microbes and Microryzae packed
6 months ago
Perfect amendment for reused living soil I think. It seems to have kept the soil alive and kicking.
6 months ago
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