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Recharge is the most powerful soil biology package anywhere! Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations. A little goes a long way – just a 1/2 teaspoon per gallon does wonders!

Recharge is a Bio-Fertilizer and can be used in BOTH ORGANIC & CHEMICAL PRODUCTION to make any fertilization program more efficient and much more effective. Most growers can dial their nutrient program back by about 25% while growing stronger plants with better quality & yields. It sounds too good to be true, but it all starts with the roots. Recharge definitely grows amazing roots for huge fruits.

What separates Recharge from the pack is the specific strains of nitrogen rich bacteria and beneficial fungi that decompose locked up organic materials and deliver them as a usable nitrogen food source for the plant to take as needed. We formulate with organic ingredients and are proud to offer a complete package including: Mycorrhizae, trichoderma, bacillus, molasses, humic, fulvic, and amino acids.

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All of my plants love this stuff!

9 hours ago

Are you a real Grower...

2 days ago

This stuff is awesome

3 days ago

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Can u mix other nutes with recharge or is it a stand alone product which no other nutes should be mixed? How to properly use recharge?


If you don’t have this in your feeding program, then just turn off the lights. This stuff is magic. Use this with 1 table spoon of d.lime per gallon of soil and your ph’ing dayz will be over for good. Haven’t ph’ed in my Happy Frog soil in over four years!:grinning: Always green and no issues under LED’s with cal/mag. this way.