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Organic test: Mycorrhizae vs bat guano

3 days ago
LED / 200W
LED / 200W
Room Type
Grow medium
weeks 6,7,...
week 9
week 4
week 9
CBD-crew - CBD Therapy
CBD Therapy

Growing it




This is one of my favorite strain so far. Chopped the plants at different stages, and all of them was incredible. Most of the plants gave me a very body relaxing effect, a mind very clear without any thc effect. However, Im pretty sure that one of the plants gave me a small thc effect, probably this plant had around 1% of thc. The flavour of the phenotypes was also different and very nice. Had a mix of earthy, citric, and sweet taste. In general, I recommend this strain for those who wants a very relaxed smoke and also want to work in any field (at least I could perform normally my scientific tasks).

Regarding the comparisons between mycorrhizae and bat guano, I obtained a little bit more from the plants that had bat guano that one that had mycorrhizae from the beginning. Also, the plants with bat guano seemed to had more production of trichomes and a better production of terpenes. Next growth I will add the mycorrhizae only during flowering to test their benefits.

The Outcome
200 watt
Total light power used
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Tastes like
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth
Grow Questions
JERgarden week 10 started grow question 3 months ago
Leaves curl up.
This white widow seems to be stressed since 4 weeks ago. Sometimes my room temperature is 30 C°, but in general is 27-28 C°. Could be those temperatures or a bad interaction between mycorrhizae and the plant? I´ve a cbd therapy with the same ammount of mycorrhizae and she´s ok.
Leaves. Curl up
JERgarden answered grow question 3 months ago
Thanks for your answer Horsemouth. In fact, this girl is the one that is furthest from the lamp. She is 65 cm far from the lamp and the remaining plants are 40 cm far from the lamp.
horsemouth answered grow question 3 months ago
thats too much light. rise your lamp. when the top leaves curl up, the edges curl up too (i see that in your pictures) and get so clear means there s too much light.
30 C° are not a problem with the right rh. cheers
JERgarden week 11 started grow question 3 months ago
Flowering taking so much
Exactly one month ago I shifted the light cycle to 11/13 and flowering is taking so much time in my plants. Could be high temperatures? Could be related to the fact that the light was on during the night? I have recently changed to 12/12 and the lamp is on during the day. Thanks!
Other. General questions
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NobodysBuds answered grow question 3 months ago
when you say on during the night... do you just mean you run your light cycle at night and dark cycle during day? that's fine, if so.

Now, if you switched from night to day and gave more light instead of more uninetrrupted darkness, that could potentially cause a major delay of the intitial hormonal balance shift. (caused by uninterrupted darkness in excess of 10 hours or more.. any interruption can potentially counteract any number of hours less than 10.. fuck up entire balance and therefore vege growth will continue longer than normal or worse.. re-vege occurs if later on..)

basically if the light cycle every gets funked up in bloom -- always, always give it extra darkness while getting back on track. while it may not be optimal for growth or bud development, it will guarantee you don't screw up the hormonal balance any further.

Seems a while. Some are slower than others. From the looks, i'd wager within ~7 days you'll have the tufts of stigmata at all terminal nodes and it'll be a few more weeks before it expands. This may be a slow plant.

The temperature and other environmental factors can impact bud densisty and such, but unlikely extreme enough to stop or delay bloom. if anything stresses should cause it to freak out and try harder to reproduce -- including the trait to self-pollinate. As long as it's not perpetually a problem, again, i wouldn't worry too much.
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