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As usual, Adjust-A-Wing being one of the best companions for the grower.
2 weeks ago
10+ years of love for Adjust-A-Wings.
2 weeks ago
Has always been a favourite of mine.
3 weeks ago
Excellent light cover with a wide light spectrum, but its heat can become a problem in the high stunts
1 month ago
A very wide spectrum
2 months ago
Spectacular bright spectrum ... Excellent light. I recommend to anyone who works at cold environmental temperatures
3 months ago
Done its job well
3 months ago
Carrying on using
3 months ago
I always have used an adjust a wing and had brilliant results, even the reflector compared to most cheap ones covers 2-3 regular sized light hoods. Excellent.
4 months ago
Great wings of cover...
5 months ago
Really nice reflector would highly recommend these
5 months ago
6 months ago
7 months ago
Done the job
7 months ago
fantastic light! dense flowers full of trichomes very very powerful
8 months ago
Very good light and perfect for my space.
9 months ago
Good will carry on using them
10 months ago
Good and will be using again
11 months ago
Best buds in my gardens
1 year ago
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