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PhytoMAX-2 200

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Works great like as always
Great like as always
Great led lights :ok_hand::ok_hand:
Top product :ok_hand:
Pics say everything.. small grow space filled with big bud.. Great light.. I actually used a screen light diffuser cause of the power
Best light I've ever grown with. I just hit over 90grams per sqft with 3 autos in 10 weeks with a 200 watt light. I think I can do better too!
:fire::fire::fire: Expensive but for a reason :point_up:
Top product, a little expensive, but very good..
Top product :fire::fire:
It works good like as always :ok_hand:
Always :fire: buds..maybe not big quantity, but top quality
LED lights like this Black Dog will help the plants become more aromatic and more purple in color but does not have the same oomph as an HID light for large dense buds.