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Series 2 65 Watt Grow Light

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All9 Growing5 Harvested4 Autoflowering6 Photoperiod2 Indoor9 Outdoor0 Soil4 Hydroponics0 Soilless1 FL1 HID1 LED9 Champions0 Video3
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Close to bin now hit my lungs
5 weeks
Close to bin now hit my lungs Poppetnewbie
Big Bazooka
8 comments · 7 months ago
6 weeks
VirginInATent PawPawTokes
Dwarf Low Flyer
8 comments · 10 months ago
Northern Light Auto (Pyramíd Seeds)
7 weeks
Northern Light Auto (Pyramíd Seeds) Cortni
Auto Northern Lights
4 comments · 11 months ago
Hulkberry ~ Bubble Kush
11 weeks
Hulkberry ~ Bubble Kush Foxtrotoscar
+1 strain
16 comments · 1 year ago
Tangerine Dream
9 weeks
Tangerine Dream Foxtrotoscar
Tangerine Dream Auto
5 comments · 1 year ago
Let’s grow
5 weeks
Let’s grow RaORa
Sweet Gelato Auto®
7 comments · 2 years ago