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EYE HortiluxEYE HortiluxEYE HortiluxEYE HortiluxEYE HortiluxEYE HortiluxEYE HortiluxEYE Hortilux

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17 weeks
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Cherry Gar-see-ya R1
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Aeroponics Grow 1
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Aeroponics Grow 1 gogreen_420
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OMG! All Gaz OG!!
11 weeks
OMG! All Gaz OG!! sativaman
All Gas OG (formerly Asphalt Plant)
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Peyote Cookies DWC
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Peyote Cookies DWC russrahl
Peyote Cookies
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Gorilla Cookies
13 weeks
Gorilla Cookies Roachclipron
Gorilla Cookies
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Indoor grow
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Indoor del Guerrillero
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Indoor del Guerrillero marioelguerrillero
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5 weeks
LEMON OG KUSH Aeroponic Canadian_Bud
Lemon OG Kush
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PINK BERRY Aeroponic
5 weeks
PINK BERRY Aeroponic Canadian_Bud
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5 weeks
BAKERSTREET Aeroponic Canadian_Bud
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White Cookies Aeroponic
5 weeks
White Cookies Aeroponic Canadian_Bud
White Cookies
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Lemon Pie
4 weeks
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Lemon Pie Auto
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Strain Hunt- Wedding Cake x Hash Passion
4 weeks
Strain Hunt- Wedding Cake x Hash Passion 420Consinc
Wedding Cake x Hash Passion
12 comments · 3 weeks ago

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Nutrients only *support the growth* the real food is your light. Don't be a cheap ass and put your money where it matters!!!
3 weeks ago
There is not much to say when you use the best, ..Hortilux the standard in growing...its hard to doubt them when they produce what they produce...
4 months ago
All I have to say about this bulb is WOW! First time trying one and I am amazed what it pushed out! Over 12oz on one plant is spectacular in my books. Still got one more plant that was growing under her too that should pull roughly the same by the looks. So 1.5Lb on 1 bulb.... nothing has ever even close to this for me. Grant you it is on a Light Rail mover too and I did veg the plants 12 weeks. But I will definitely be buying nothing but this bulb from now on. Super impressed!
6 months ago
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