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G8-600 BLOOM Only

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The G8-600B Full Spectrum Bloom Only light by G8LED is formulated for the flowering phase of plant's growth cycle and provides flowering coverage for 6-10 blooming plants. This light replaces 800-1000 Watts of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb while only using 350Watts of power. This is a full spectrum flowering light and provides intense coverage for 20 square feet (5feet x 4feet) (1,9sq meter-152cm x 122cm) of grow space. This light penetrates 5feet (152cm) past the plant canopy and saves 50-60% on your electrical consumption. The electrical savings will pay for the light within the first year of usage.

G8-600 BLOOM OnlyG8-600 BLOOM OnlyG8-600 BLOOM OnlyG8-600 BLOOM OnlyG8-600 BLOOM OnlyG8-600 BLOOM Only
Power, Watts600W
Release Year: Previously Released
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