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The addition of 10K UV light towards the end of the bloom cycle increases resin production in flowering plants as a defense mechanism in response to the ultraviolet light. Now, growers using CMH/LEC fixtures can get these benefits too with the industry’s first and only 315w 10K MH Finishing Lamp.

  • For use in 315w CMH/LEC fixtures

  • Strong UV peaks for increased resin production 

  • Can be used for 25+ flower cycles before replacement

  • Use only in the last 7-14 days of flowering 

  • Durable quartz glass arc tube ensures long usable life

Power, Watts315W
Light Intensity22000
Overall Temperature10000
Release Year: Previously Released

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My bad on this one :) my light is actually USHIO Hilux Gro CMH 315w/930/ARGO 3000k I didn’t see this option and thought growers choice meant my choice LoL
Ottima per la fase di crescita!!!

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