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CMH Lamp acts as a conversion Lamp for any Double Ended fixture, instantly converting it to a CMH fixture. Growers thinking about upgrading to CMH can simply use a Grower’s Choice CMH Lamp in their existing 1000W DE fixture. Grower’s Choice CMH Lamp offer a significant improvement in light output and spectral quality over traditional lighting sources.

The 3K-R is an enhanced version of our 3K Lamp that is designed specifically for plants that areprized for their resin production. It is similar to the original 3K, but it has contains a few subtle differences:

  • A slight increase in UV light to promote resin production

  • A taller peak in the Far-red to stimulate metabolic activity during flowering

  • Slightly higher PAR for better flower density

  • Increased intensity in red

Power, Watts1000W
Light Intensity110000
Overall Temperature3000
Release Year: Previously Released

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I used hotilux super 1000 and suplimented sides with 5500k cfl 150w

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