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The Grower’s Choice 4K Lamp is a slightly warmer Metal Halide, making it suitable for both vegetative and flowering growth. Growers get the most out of this style of lamp towards the end of the vegetative stage or and/or beginning of flowering.

  • Well-balanced light helps plants smoothly transition to the flowering stage

  • Useable in all stages of growth

  • Cool blue light is also great for industrial or retail applications

Power, Watts400W
Light Intensity40000
Overall Temperature4000
Release Year: Previously Released

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Beautiful plant, very uniform..enjoyed growing..Lemon, berry, diesel, terps..Will grow again! I didn't veg real long so the yield was under an oz..Was under a 400 watt hps
"I did NOT use this bulb" Accidentally put it up when still learning the site's tools. I used these HID bulbs. Flowering.... :point_right:2x 600w.HPS; VivoSun & Eye Hortilux Vegetative.... :point_right:1x 400w. MH; iGrow & :point_right:1x 600w. MH; VivoSun :dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses::sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses:

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