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KIND LED Veg Micro 2 ft

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Kind LED Bar Lights are the industry's best-selling, complete full spectrum bar lights. The first choice for professional growers worldwide, these supplemental lights are the ideal option for providing greenhouses and/or high light use plants the additional intensity they require, or function perfectly as primary lighting for average light use plants. These full spectrum vegetative bar lights feature both the macro and micro (including UV & IR) spectra needed to meet the lighting demands of any vegetative plant.

The Vegetative Bar Lights are biased on the blue end of the spectrum and are great for all leafy greens and plants that need to remain in a Vegetative stage before initiating Flowering. The Vegetative Macro Spectrum would have the primary spectrum needed for lush Vegetative growth and the Vegetative Micro Spectrum would offer the secondary spectrum needed to round out a more complete spectrum if using multiple bar lights over one area. 

Power, Watts60W
Led Chipset3
Led Bulbs13
Release Year: Previously Released

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Performed as expected - I should note that this plant was moved outdoors somewhere in the middle of her life cycle and finished outdoors.

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