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Lumenator 2x is a compact high intensity LED grow light designed specifically for all stages of plant growth. The 190w Lumenator 2x will fuel your plants with the same highly energetic photons that come from the sun and the Dominator series. Increase your yield while decreasing your cost. This unique spectrum will reward you with healthier plants that grow faster. Reduce nutrients to natural levels and allow the plant to split more water molecules for energy.

Lumenator 2x Lumenator 2x Lumenator 2x Lumenator 2x
Power, Watts190W
Led Chipset3
Led Bulbs90
Size15 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Coverage3' x 3'
Release Year: Previously Released

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Great! Amazing lights, and great people! Many thanks to Lushledlighting!:relaxed::+1:
The Lumenater 2x is a great light. Lushledlighting has great products as well as great people. Awesome!:+1:

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