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Great! Amazing lights, and great people! Many thanks to Lushledlighting!:relaxed::+1:
The Lumenater 2x is a great light. Lushledlighting has great products as well as great people. Awesome!:+1:
The Lumenater 2x was again exceptional in this grow. Definitely a quality light. Thanks again to Lushledlighting for great service, great products, and for being great people! It's a privilege and honor to be associated with, and a part of the Lushledlighting family.
Thanks so much to Matt, Renae, and everyone at Lushledlighting! Great people! Great lights! Lushledlighting's Lumenater 2x was the primary light in this grow. Absolutely awesome buds! The Lumenater 2x made this an exceptional grow! Can't wait to add a Dominator to my ops!:wink:
Lush LED Lighting worked exceptionally well, and the people of Lush Lighting are of a very high caliber. Invaluable! Great people!
The people of Lush Lighting are exceptional! The Lumenater 2x was the primary light for this specific plant. If I would have acted sooner and used the Lumenater 2x for the entire grow I have no doubt that the results would have been even better.i