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FB Orange Sherbet Auto
16 weeks
FB Orange Sherbet Auto Scarecrow
Orange Sherbet Auto
19 comments · 11 months ago
MSNL Critical Thunder Auto
16 weeks
MSNL Critical Thunder Auto Scarecrow
Critical Thunder Auto
13 comments · 10 months ago
SDMN Amnesia Haze Auto
16 weeks
SDMN Amnesia Haze Auto Scarecrow
Amnesia Auto
12 comments · 11 months ago
16 weeks
Second Azgrowz420
Blueberry Autoflowering
22 comments · 7 months ago
FastBuds Sour D Auto in FoxFarm Mix
14 weeks
FastBuds Sour D Auto in FoxFarm Mix DrWeird
Sour Diesel Auto
22 comments · 11 months ago
The CannaBrit Grows
23 weeks
The CannaBrit Grows TheCannaBrit
+2 strains
41 comments · 3 months ago
Barney's Farm Glue Gelato
14 weeks
Barney's Farm Glue Gelato DrWeird
Glue Gelato Auto
15 comments · 11 months ago
FB Purple Lemonade Auto
13 weeks
FB Purple Lemonade Auto Scarecrow
Purple Lemonade Auto
17 comments · 12 months ago
First Grow--East Coast U.S.
13 weeks
First Grow--East Coast U.S. Pepperoni91
Auto Lemon Haze
23 comments · 2 years ago
DNA×RP The OG#18 Manifold
27 weeks
DNA×RP The OG#18 Manifold Scarecrow
The OG #18
12 comments · 9 months ago
SDMN Blueberry Auto
15 weeks
SDMN Blueberry Auto Scarecrow
Blueberry Auto
10 comments · 11 months ago

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Green Crack Auto Second Attempt
1 week
Green Crack Auto Second Attempt NoSoSadPlant21
Green Crack Auto
3 comments · 1 day ago
Organic amendment grow
3 weeks
Organic amendment grow stonedsloth
+1 strain
2 comments · 1 hour ago
Divine Deaddryer
4 weeks
Divine Deaddryer Dthebudguy
Auto Deadryder
4 comments · 2 days ago
Hindu Kush DWC
5 weeks
Hindu Kush DWC 868uclgrower
Hindu Kush
6 comments · 5 days ago
Big Bud Auto
4 weeks
Big Bud Auto FamilyPhenos
Big bud
6 comments · 2 months ago
Strawberry Guava - Mosca Seeds
11 weeks
Strawberry Guava - Mosca Seeds hYsTyphOphEnersI
Mosca Seeds - Strawberry Guava
7 comments · 7 days ago
Small Veg Tent
6 weeks
Small Veg Tent shanty420
+4 strains
5 comments · 5 months ago
Royal Queen seeds amnezia haze
1 week
Royal Queen seeds amnezia haze rastaPedro
Amnesia Haze
2 comments · 5 months ago

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Great light for the dollar.
3 months ago
This light seemed to work well. I am happy with it's performance
3 months ago
Great light. Really perfect size for a 2.5x2.5 full grow I just wish it was wider
4 months ago
Love these lights so far
4 months ago
Latest comments

Absolutely love your products:100:


Hey :wave: see what I'm doing with your lights? Please send me something to test and make new journals.
Zeus 250 & HB 1500 ---OR---
QB 480 & HB1000 would work wonders for my growspace and get growers to notice your products at the same time. I make diaries and videos for contests on here with your RA1000 & RA2000. I've spent alot of money with you. Look at my diaries and the video on the FastBuds contest. Look what I've done with the Critical Thunder. My review at the end of these diaries in a few weeks may hold some weight. I'd love some new lights so I can have my whole room be solid Parfactworks lights. What is a couple of appliances to you all in the long run? Help me out and I'll make you shine on grower networks!