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Phlizon 1000w COB

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Phlizon 1000w COBPhlizon 1000w COBPhlizon 1000w COBPhlizon 1000w COB

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Moroccan Hash
11 weeks
Moroccan Hash Just1leaf
Hash Plant Auto
24 comments · 4 months ago
SweetSeeds iHydroSoil
12 weeks
SweetSeeds iHydroSoil DaSofaSurfer
Fast Bud #2 Auto®
35 comments · 1 year ago
Power, Watts250W
Release Year: Previously Released

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Decent light but suffers from harsh drop offs as cobs are centred and direct. Also produces a fair amount of heat.
So far so good, great products, results are good.

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3x Lemon Pie Auto (Fastbuds)
15 weeks
3x Lemon Pie Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Lemon Pie Auto
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2x Runtz (Zamnesia)
11 weeks
2x Runtz (Zamnesia) DoDrugs420
75 comments · 2 months ago
5x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds)
14 weeks
5x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Gorilla Cookies Auto
70 comments · 6 months ago
2x Triple G (RoyalQueenSeeds)
11 weeks
2x Triple G (RoyalQueenSeeds) DoDrugs420
Triple G
102 comments · 2 months ago
3x Gelato Auto (Fastbuds)
14 weeks
3x Gelato Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Gelato Auto
44 comments · 5 months ago
2x Gorilla Glue Auto (weedseedsexpress)
14 weeks
2x Gorilla Glue Auto (weedseedsexpress) DoDrugs420
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
38 comments · 10 months ago
2x Green Gelatto Auto (RoyalQueenSeeds)
17 weeks
2x Green Gelatto Auto (RoyalQueenSeeds) DoDrugs420
Green Gelato Automatic
29 comments · 9 months ago
Red Chile Truffles (Hypno Seeds)
11 weeks
Red Chile Truffles (Hypno Seeds) DoDrugs420
Red Chile Truffles
69 comments · 2 months ago
Hypno Zkittlez (HypnoSeeds)
11 weeks
Hypno Zkittlez (HypnoSeeds) DoDrugs420
Hypno Zkittlez
34 comments · 2 months ago
Gorilla Girl XL Auto (SweetSeeds)
12 weeks
Gorilla Girl XL Auto (SweetSeeds) DoDrugs420
Gorilla Girl XL Auto
17 comments · 1 year ago
APG(Adv.Seeds) First Grow
10 weeks
APG(Adv.Seeds) First Grow DoDrugs420
Auto Pineapple Glue
28 comments · 1 year ago

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6 weeks
Zkittlez spiderdijon69
Zkittlez Auto
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CBD Auto
6 weeks
CBD Auto spiderdijon69
CBD Auto 20:1
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6 weeks
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Stardawg Auto
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6 weeks
ChemDawg spiderdijon69
Chemdawg Auto
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Red Poison Auto: Retake
6 weeks
Red Poison Auto: Retake Daddygrow1
Red Poison Auto®
7 comments · 4 months ago
Gelato Auto 2
6 weeks
Gelato Auto 2 Daddygrow1
Gelato Auto
4 comments · 4 months ago
8 weeks
RED PURE CBD Auto- SAY RED! Daddygrow1
Red Pure Auto CBD
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2x Runtz (Zamnesia)
11 weeks
2x Runtz (Zamnesia) DoDrugs420
75 comments · 2 months ago
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