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5x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds)

3 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Grow medium
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
FastBuds - Gorilla Cookies Auto
Gorilla Cookies Auto

Growing it




The top strain in my list, so far from all the strains i've tried, only a few can trigger a reaction like the one from amnesia haze, the effect of a racy psychedelic high, this one goes there and more, this one will go for your body aswell altho not fully in a psychedelic manner, its more of a racy effect at first that will very soon turn into a relaxed effect, it gets psychedelic at times wich can catch you offguard, but overall you are too stoned to do anything stupid, you will catch youself looking at nothing for a good while before realising it and you will want to focus on something but you will be too distracted, and as all this unfolds, time goes by really slow but at the same time it reached the end and its like it's been a minute, time goes by faster, but feels slower, PERFECT.

This one is my all time favourite 4/5 phenos with purple hues, 3 out of those 4 are of a noticeable purple color, some more than others but as a rule of thumb it starts at around week 4 of veg; 1st/2nd of flower and they start getting purple, this color gets deeper by the day but limits itself to a very specific layer of the bud, it can penetrate deeply into the bud but the stem tends to stay green and THIN, like THIN THIN, its thinner than a thothpick on a 4g bud, no weight in stem at all on these babies. The purple pheno's are of a completelly different hint than the green ones, its more of a deeper taste that blends with berries and sugary and smooth woody cookies taste, has that thickness to it wich makes it pleasing to smoke but its one of the smoothest buds there is, where the green ones shine is in taste where they pick up a sort of gas flavour that's so intense you will feel it from across the city, no joke i guarantee if you grow this strain and smoke it in one side of any city, the smell will travel all the way to the other side of the city, just get some seeds and try it out, i gotchu no joke.
All of them hit intenselly, if you smoke it pure and don't feel the sweats, then drop the crack cuz you sweating already, if you never smoked before, or know a newbie who hasn't, then don't give them some of this, recomend them something else or get something else cuz this is way 2 powerfull for a first timer, imagine good old amnesia haze, now imagine you take that and amplify the punch but then also apply it to the body... yup, u're gonna lay down quick. Get some strawberry pie instead, leave the cookies in stock 4 me, now... if you do a smoke on the regular, you ain't gonna want to miss this strain, its a jewl and if you grow it right she will reward you with a powerhouse of thc that will make you re-think how much should you put in your paper. If you start sweating hard, just chill, remember you've just gone thru some milky thc at peak potency, from a strain designed for potency, it's like... you asked for it mf.

The Outcome
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Tastes like
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40% Sativa
60% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

good old good old i'll give u 5 this time.

Commented by DoDrugs420 DoDrugs420

Didn't go as well as i wanted it to go, but i had the issue with the lights from alibaba coming in wich caused losses of a minimum of 5000€ in estimated value, but its ok, its ok, its just consumption getting lost, wouldn't profit from it anyway, but i know this is gonna cost me big time when the weed is over before next harvest, but its ok, its ok, they sent 20€ for the mistake :joy: its oke.

Smoke review

Organic_LarF week 14


I know the feeling buddy!!

One's in a while ill do that count, trying to reassure myself growing is a non-profit profit. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

I dont know about prices at your place, but here 10 euro a gram is just the cheapest you can get, even at 25g at once.
Holland coffeeshops selling cali weed at 75 euro for 3 grams. :sweat_smile:

Its crazy out there.




About that resin and dabs, and even weed in its natural form, ive never and never will understand those types that mix things and fuck shit up. Those are the airheads playing with the health of others just for profit.

At the moment im pretty self supporting, smoking between 20 to 25g a week. But its a nonstop chain of growing and harvesting. And when i get short, ill make a batch of hash to get me some days extra in curing.



@Organic_LarF, yeeeah man ikr, they trying to sell cbd, fakes, washed weed, fake hash, its like bruuuuh dafuq is going on :sweat_smile: and over here its not even available this sort of shelf, all you can get is national seeded for 10€g and that soap tasting like pine resin and beewax, hitting like synthetics, there's nothing for the conscient consumer so my pain is that i had it planned to go a bit over the "needs" and ended up only fullfilling about 40% of my needs, now i gotta suffer :joy: altho i gifted quite a bit still but dayum, when you get that major loss is a bad feeling, suffering by the day praying for your order to progress on a daily basis for 2 months was the cherry on the wedding cake.

Its a grower's life tho, deal with the obstacles, overcome them and learn by looking at unconsumable nearly mature weed everyday without having anything at all to smoke. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Rock_n_Roll_Randy week 14

Picking 5x gorilla cookies auto (fastbuds) was a wonderful choice.... :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::right-facing_fist::left-facing_fist: i :robot_face:

Tweezer week 14

Very beautiful flowers :bouquet: nice work!!!

GmansGarden week 14

Great color on the buds exelent diary

Nordynllc week 14

Super awesome bro:+1: For not going as well as you would have liked, this was a fantastic grow. Mad frosty.:snowflake::snowflake: Actually crystalline.:wink::gem: Beautiful colors. Nice! I know you enjoyed that flower.:joy::v:

XoticGROW666 week 14

Tasty :star-struck:

EasyName week 14

Very nice harvest, enjoy!:ghost:

northernMike week 14

Love the purple:+1:..
I grew two Purple Kush autos(sonoma seeds),
it was the most purple in a plant that I have ever seen.
Super good smoke, about an hour or so before bed
and your in super relax mode:expressionless:Diary, It's 420 somewhere, check it out

Alwa26 week 14

It’s one of my favorite too mate! Stunning effects! :hugging_face:

smoking_hills9 week 14

Beautiful colours bro:sunglasses:

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