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dancingshrubbery started grow question 3 years ago
Day 4: Leaves have started to brighten and yellow at a fairly alarming rate. With the lower leaves falling off, this looks like a Nitrogen deficiency. Take note of the picture on Day 4 where LSD (the tall plant on the left) is much brighter, and more yellow than Phantom OG (right
Barney's LSD
15 weeks
Barney's LSD dancingshrubbery
23 comments · 3 years ago
Week 11
Leaves. Other
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
Nice looking buds bro.Definitely classic nitrogen deficiency. But she's doing what shes supposed to be doing but a bit early. Looks like she still has a few more weeks to go at least. She's probably drinking like crazy but lighten up on the water her leaves are drooping a bit. Let her dry out then I would give her a couple of normal feedings but don't use plain water in between. See if she at least holds her color. Let her dry out. Then try to go back to your regular feeding schedule. I wouldn't try to increase your nute ppm's it's going to cause issues. Keep an eye out for leaf hooking or burnt tips. It's just not good to give too much N so close to the end. Just give her a nice 2 week flush before harvest and you'll be fine. Good luck she's packing on some nice bud weight.