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Philindicus Master
Growing it
Fast buds Blackberry Kush is a very appealing strain which was fairly easy to grow.

I loved the shorter green phenotype which eventually turned purple on the outside of the buds with a greener inner bud color. The plant structure was ideal for my grow set up and was able to hit her hard with nice light intensity during bloom with no issues. The bud structure had a nice dense high calyx to sugar leave ratio and was heavily covered in trichomes just the way I like it. She handled nutrients like a champ no signs of nutrient burn.
The other two phenotype were a lot taller and stretched with a longer inter node distance. The plants held the branches up well for most of the grow but I was concerned that the weight of the buds would break some stems during the ripening stage. The stems of these two were a bit on the hollow side in my opinion with thinner wall structure when compared to the green phenotype. I feel these two may have benefited from a higher dose of calcium during the course of growing. The bud coloration was outstanding with a nice purple to dark violet shades. The bud structure was a bit looser on one plant and the other was fairly dense with calyx but not as dense as the green phenotype. This one plant seemed to do a bit of fox tailing in the end of bloom even after cutting back on the amount of red spectrum light. The very tall and dominant main colas were swung to the outside edges of the tent because they were too close to my light which was maxed out in height. The lower buds received more light than the upper cola but lacked heavy trichome coverage. I believe these two plants possibly would have benefited from being topped or fimmed then heavy LST training to create a more even canopy to maximize light intensity to the bud sites produce a heavier denser trichome coverage.

Harvesting was done on day 72 and was easy on the taller 2 which had less leaf coverage, the green phenotype took a bit longer she had a lot more fan and sugar leaves to remove. I had about a 15 to 20% amber to mostly cloudy /milky with some clear trichomes on the main cola when they were chopped. It was very difficult to see/judge color because of the darker color of the buds. Photos of the trichomes don't do the plant justice by any means.
The smoke was fairly smooth with a slightly sweet ,a bit earthy with a nice light floral finish which is hard to real put my finger on to describe. It gave me a nice relaxed head and entire body type of high which was very pleasant and enjoyable not at all over powering definately a good evening time smoke to put your mind to rest. Definitely have some good munchies on hand for this one.
I'll admit this wasn't my best grow but I was able to get some nice colorful buds out of them. I have a few more seeds left and would like to grow this strain again at some point hopefully trying a few different training techniques on them, definately hit them harder with some calcium and push them to their limits.:wink:
2 months ago
Philindicus Master
Lemon AK
Growing it
Official Fast Buds Lemon AK Strain Review

Let me start off by saying that I chose this strain specifically because I was looking for a nice day time smoke to share with my friends. Well the breeders at Fast Buds nailed it perfectly.

Even though I typically prefer to smoke Indica and Indica dominant strains I was pleasantly surprised by the Lemon AK Sativa dominant strain and this has left a lasting impression of how I perceive Sativa strains in general.

I was always under the impression that Cannabis Sativa produced large unruly plants along with a loose less dense bud structure than Indica strains. The hybridization of the Lemon AK-47 by Fast Buds put this misconception to rest.

About the grow. I was very impressed by how rapidly the seeds sprouted and developed in to quick growing plants in the matter of a few weeks throwing out the first pistils at day 17 and showing signs of wanting to start stretching. This caught me completely off guard I had crazy thoughts of them growing into monstrously large sativa type plants and becoming unmanageable. To my delight and probably because I chose to limit the pot size to 3 gallons, I was able to use some simple LST training to force them into a very uniform optimal shape and size which was perfect for my grow set up. Note: I’m sure if one desired larger plants 5-gallon pots would fit the bill they definitely showed the potential to grow larger if given the space for a larger root system. The stretching phase was perfect they produced nice sturdy stem length with good internode spacing allowing ample light to the bud sites. The plants handled nutrients very well with no signs of nutrient burn. I stopped short of using slightly less than ½ strength base nutrients during the high point of bloom. Buds showed an excellent response to adding in a PK 13/14 product during peak/late bloom. No signs of any major deficiencies were seen. Slight issue with light stress/burn on the upper leaves from high LED light intensity on one plant resulted in a lightening in the coloration of the leaves. These leaves were removed in the later stages of bloom. No ill effects on the buds they seemed to enjoy the intensity of light.

About the flower structure. All had a nice even shape with no excessive fox tailing even during the last few weeks of growth. I appeared to have two phenotype one with a nice dense heavy calyx to sugar leaf ratio with fewer fan leaves which was the first to be ready for harvesting. They also pull out some amazing purple coloration which extended into the buds. The other phenotype also had nice dense calyx growth but with many tiny trichome covered sugar leaves protruding and more fan leaves. This phenotype took about 5 days longer to ripen and seemed to hold on to the green coloration even after multiple flushing for over 2 weeks throwing out mostly yellowish/reddish type leaves.

About the harvest. Did I mention I how much I love Indica? Well taking that into account I chose to allow the top buds on the main cola ripen a bit more than my usual 5 % amber. Since this part of the plant seems ripens first, I let the trichomes go until I achieved a nice heavy 30% amber. I figured this would give me a nice pleasant and more balanced high more to my liking. Also, it would give me a nice variety of lower buds which were less amber to sample in the future.
The smell of the fresh buds while chopping was reminiscent of ripe citrus and permeated the house during harvest. Since I began slowly removing selected large fan leaves during the last few weeks of my grow harvesting went very smoothly. Basically, I like to do a wet trimming initially by removing as many large fan and accessible sugar leaves then I proceed to do a tight cut using curved bladed shears taking the tips off any tiny sugar leaves not completely covered in trichomes. I also take this time to remove any dried leaf tips or yellowing that made it up to the buds. I exclusively hand trim all my buds. I will typically perform a second tighter final trimming to properly manicure my buds after they have cured a couple of weeks and “hardened up” then back in the jar they will go to finish a nice long-term cure.

About the drying process. I typically hang my branches from regular wire clothes hangers I like to use a fine florist type wire to wrap under the stems of the last buds give it a twist then wrap it a few times over the hanger. One hanger seems to hold one plants worth of branches. These are placed in a dark closet with a small fan indirectly blowing near them. I typically dry for the first 2 days at 45% humidity 73 F to get the bulk of the moisture out of them. Then the humidity is raised to 55% to slow down the drying process. I will begin removing the smallest looser buds on the lower branches around day 5 and jar them up. Then over the next few days proceed to remove the medium size buds next then the largest ones last and put them in a Teflon coated baking pan with indirect air moving over them and turn them every day. I like to make sure the outside of the buds are dry enough so when they are in the pan, they don’t develop a flat side or shape. Drying time ranges from 7-10 days for the whole process.

About the curing process. The buds were loosely put into ½ gallon glass jars about ¾ full with an Inkbird digital hydrometer and it usually takes a few days to stabilize my humidity into the 62% to 63% range then I drop a Boveda 62% humidity pack into them and start my cure. The larger buds can be a bit rebellious and if I find the humidity to be 67% or higher, I will remove the buds from the jar for several hours then repeat the whole process if needed. If they land in the 66% or lower, I’ll remove the top off the jars a few/several hours a couple of times a day as needed.
From this point I will let them cure for three weeks then pull the best top cola bud and sample the smoke. I like to allow the buds to finish curing for a minimum of 6 weeks before I send my buds out for others to enjoy. During this time, I will open the tops of the jars to allow some fresh air in a few times a week then once a week toward the end. Yes of course I squirrel the top choice buds away for my head stash for a nice longer-term cure. This cure gives the buds time to improve the overall complexity of flavors, smells and smoothness that even the most discerning connoisseurs of fine cannabis can appreciate.

About the smoke. The moment of truth! After my last experience with dealing with Fast Buds Zkittlez jamming up my grinder I chose to forego the part of removing the sticky residue left inside the grinder which seemed like a waste in my opinion. I did it old school and used a tiny pair of sharp scissors to micro shave the bud into a form worthy of any true craftsman and proceeded to twist up a fatty.

But wait we need to compliment the moment with some music. I cued up the Chemical Brothers “Morning Lemon” song. Seemed appropriate since it’s been a while since I literally waked and baked.

I stoked up the joint and took three nice hits. Even with only a 3 week cure the smoke was incredibly smooth going in and coming out (Must have been the good flush). I say this because if I’m not coughing on the exhale that’s a great sign since I’m only a part time smoker “Lightweight”. The flavor was very familiar reminded me of smoking some old school Central and South American strains that were prevalent back around 1978 to 1982 strains like Acapulco Gold with a nice pleasant slightly citrus/earthy yet floral finish on your tongue type taste.

I sat back and let things take shape feeling the bass kick out of the speakers and vibrations of the music reverberate off me. Then it started hitting me like a small wave hitting the back of my head spilling over the top then dropping down my forehead across my face. Not crazy like someone dropped the curtain in front of me but a very pleasant relaxing even flowing cerebral type buzz flowing over the top then down into my upper body and arms. This intensified over the next 10- 20 minutes then peaked. It was just right in terms of the intensity for my taste. I was a bit on the quite side during this time just taking in some tunes amazed with the effects of the weed on my now enhanced hearing ability. At about 45 minutes I snapped out of my trance and was actually very functional mentally and physically. The high tapered off after about a good 2.5 hours with a nice body high must be the Indica effect but with no drowsy aftermath. I have yet to partake in a higher quantity of hits after learning my lesson with under estimating potency and test smoking taking 6 hits of Fast Buds Zkittlez for the first time on my last grow.

About my conclusion. I found Fast Buds Lemon AK was exactly what I was looking for a great day time smoke that if smoked conservatively would allow me to be functional and social. I would definitely recommend this for social gatherings or a great anytime smoke it will make you a bit talkative with a nice uplifted mood and you may be surprisingly quick witted when joking around with friends.
Fast Buds Lemon AK should be on every growers list of strains to enjoy check it out!:wink:


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3 months ago
Philindicus Master
Zkittlez Auto
Growing it
I highly recommend Zkittles Auto. This is exactly the reason I started growing my own smoke. I was tired of friends telling me that they have some great smoke only to be disappointed with stale weed that tasted terrible. I test smoked Zkittles with that same friend then we both sat there stuck in our chairs mentally debating to ourselves that we should have stopped at the 3rd hit not the 5 or 6 that we took before we would admit to each other that this was some kick ass smoke. This was definately the strongest I have smoked in years. It started with more of a head high for the first 15-20 minutes then leveling out to a more balanced head body high ending with a nice body buzz lasting about 2-2.5 hours total. The next evening I just took 3 tokes it was the perfect amount for a part time smoker like myself. It was a nice even buzz for chilling out watching a few movies and I was very functional. Since I quit smoking tobacco some 20+ years ago I am not able to deal with inhaling deep hits without coughing. The smoke of this strain was very flavorful and surprisingly smooth with only a slight tickle on the exhale with only a 2 week cure. I'm sure as with all good thing it will just keep getting better with time. One more o.k. a few more buds for a nice long term cure will be going to my head stash.Special thanks to FastBuds for the great genetics.:blush:
5 months ago

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