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Philindicus Master
Strawberry Nuggets
Growing it
Official Strain Review

Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets

Genetics: (Bog Seeds) Sour Strawberry Kush X 24 Carat F3 Pink Pheno
Indica/Sativa: 85/15

4- Plants

Grow area 2 ft x 2 ft=4 sq.ft. ( Half of a 2 ft x 4 ft grow tent)
G8-450 Bloom light draws 240 true watts

4 sq. ft. / 240 watts = 60 watts per square ft.
Harvest weight 190 grams = 6.70 oz.
0.79 grams per watt

How They Grow: Expect nice growth with very short inter-node spacing with large/very large (Hand Size) wide dark green Indica type fan leaves. Use leaf tucking and manipulation to ensure the large fan leaves are not blocking light to growth sites at each leaf node. These will develop into fairly short, stout and wide plants. Using larger pots could increase plant size potential.
Use LST training if desired but the main stem was quite rigid and wide requiring multiple smaller manipulations in 2-3 sessions rather than 1 quick bend in order to prevent causing a stress crack. The strain looks like allowing the plant to growth in its natural shape would also work well because of its short size.

Stretch was minimal and could actually benefit from using techniques to encourage more stretching like introducing a slightly higher red spectrum light in combination with larger day/night temperature swings earlier in veg. stage.

How They Bloom: They started off fairly slow but quickly developed into a “very” dense/tight bud structure with nice calyx development and tiny sugar leaves throughout. Buds grew very close to or on top of one another. I chose to manipulate some bud stems to allow good air movement and light to reach the whole bud which was done with great difficulty. Leaf tucking/tying and slight strategic defoliation was needed to ensure ample light would reach the bud sites.
During peak bloom/late bloom one plant pheno showed reddish/pink coloration with just a slight color change in the rest. The odor was reminiscent of jelly filled doughnuts. Harvested day 74-77. Trichomes mostly cloudy/milky with 25% amber. Wet trimmed, dried then cured 3 weeks for test smoke.

Smoke Report: I found the strain to be very flavorful with slightly sweet/sour berry type flavor possibly a touch of skunk funk. She’s defiantly a late evening type smoke which would be excellent for use to help with anxiety, mild pain and induce a nice relaxed sleep. Harvesting earlier in the harvest window could help control the almost narcotic type body high experienced with this strain.

Final Thoughts: I truly enjoyed growing this strain. The Indica dominant effects and bud structure were very much to my liking. I would call this more of a small batch personal connoisseur type strain which is great for filling your head stash jars and sharing with friends. If you’re the type that likes QP harvests off each plant this may not be your strain but if you like your girls short, sweet and flavorful give her a try she’s surely going to impress you.
1 month ago
Philindicus Master
Diesel Cookies Auto
Growing it
Official Strain Review
Roc Bud Inc. Diesel Cookies Auto Flower

Genetic Lineage: Forum Cut Cookies X Diesel Auto

The seeds sprouted very quickly with amazingly strong growth throwing out true sets of leaves by the beginning of week 2.

Some showed sex by throwing out the first pistils from the leaf nodes on day 13. Early LST training helped control their shapes allowing me to swing the dominate main cola to the sides of my grow tent to manage light intensity for efficiently.

The strain showed a modest inter-node stretching which in turn allowed more than ample light to reach the entire bud sites. There was a very low number of fan leaves produced so I personally would recommend to only perform a light defoliating once the plants are officially in bloom on the lowest leaf nodes only as needed.
This strain could possibly benefit from using FIM or Topping to create multiple main colas to create a more even canopy but the grower should expect to add approximately 10 to 14 day to the harvest date.
Bud development was very good producing a high ratio of large trichome covered calyx with very few large sugar leaves with tiny single bladed sugar leaves sparsely scattered throughout the buds. Definitely no leafy buds here.
I highly recommend using a good fresh carbon filter on your exhaust as they produce a heavy sweet diesel/fuel smell which will indeed permeate your entire house or grow room.
Harvest was quick and easy only requiring to easily remove the few remaining fan leave and wet trimming just the tips of the tiny sugar leaves.
Drying and curing intensified the scent and the buds retained a strong diesel odor indicating a high terpene content compared to other auto flower strains.
Smoke was heavy/thick very flavorful with a dominant diesel yet slightly sweet floral finish. High was long lasting a good 2 hours starting with a nice Sativa type head high spilling into the upper body after about the first half hour ending with a manageable body high.

Roc Bud Inc. has definitely taken the time to combine top quality genetics to produce some ultra-fine bud for our enjoyment. Without a doubt check them out.
1 month ago
Philindicus Master
Cream Cookies
Growing it
Very nice smooth smoke. I'm split between saying slightly more of a Indica type body high with a pleasant head high to start. This is a great anytime smoke that doesn't leave you lethargic. The smell was definately creamy and reminiscent of slightly over baked cookies which was very amusing. The plants grew to 36 inches which is a bit tall for my grow set up. They would truly have appreciated having more room to spread out. I pretty much stripped a good 2/3+ of the lower leaves and bud sites over the course of the grow to ensure the upper buds bulked up nicely. These girls took everything I threw at them intense lighting, nutes, drought stress etc. my usual grow torture techniques. Oddly enough I had one plant which grew and fox tailed significantly. I though it was light or heat stress but my ultimate conclusion is it was just a phenotype variation genetic throw back. The calyx on this one were the largest I've seen before compared to her sisters and were covered in a thick layer of trichomes. Wish I could have pulled some more color out of them but my area was hit with a warm spell which meant I couldn't get a nice temperature drop/swing in my tent. Either way this was my best harvest at just over 3 ounces per plant. I feel if given larger pots and more space to spread out they could have pushed out some more weight. :+1::+1:
5 months ago

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Tq for your help mate. Much appreciated. It was a dodgy PH meter in the end. I thought the PH was really low when it wasn't so I created my own nurient lockout with PH up. I think the brown was Calcium deficiency too. Anyway I am just so relieved to be at this stage for the first time ever. Some of the trichomes have gone amber, not many but won't be long. I can't wait.
Thanks again


awesome grows dude!!


Next time I will use the above but instead 3 ml in total for the start in oh down