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Philindicus Master
Blue Dream'Matic
Growing it
Fast Buds Blue Dream'Matic is a very nice strain fairly fast growing with nice fat chunky buds with an above average frosting. High calyx to leaf ratio which makes trimming and harvesting a breeze. They showed a bit of fox tailing but nothing extreme. Some buds showed some purple coloration which adds to the bag appeal. Watch how much you feed these girls, they seemed to not like heavy feedings in my opinion. I got a nice harvest quantity for the size of my pots and above my usual average for my grow which is a nice bonus. I'm running a 240 watt bloom light for that half of my tent which produced 270 grams which is 1.125 grams per watt. They are an XXL strain and believe if grown in 5 gallon pots they could possibly produce more weight in the right hands. Smoke was very tasty with a slight berry/citrus taste with an earthy finish on the back end of the exhale. Definitely a nice sativa day time type smoke so she's not a day wrecker.:+1::+1:
2 weeks ago
Philindicus Master
Growing it


Genetic Lineage: (‘92 OG Kush x Diesel Ryder) x Pluto Cut

Sprout to Harvest: 70-80 Days

4- Plants

Grow area 2 ft x 2 ft=4 sq.ft. (Half of a 2 ft x 4 ft grow tent)

G8-240 Veg/Bloom light draws 140 true watts

G8-450 Bloom light draws 240 true watts

4 sq. ft. / 240 watts = 60 watts per square ft.

Harvest weight 266 grams = 9.38 oz.

1.10 grams per watt

66.50 grams per sq.ft.

2.34 oz per plant average


Started them in my Veg. tent under one 140 true watts full spectrum G-8 LED light. Maintained a high humidity during the first week to week and a half until modest root development and leaf growth was obvious. Then slightly lowered humidity in stages to increase the transpiration rate and encourage them to begin feeding.

Seeds sprouted quickly telling me they were strong, nice and fresh. Seedlings showed strong rapid root development which allowed me to water to the point of run off by the end of week 3 about a week earlier than most strains I’ve grown.

Leaf size/shape where more of a large wide darker green Indica hybrid to start then the blades narrowed slightly upon maturity. Size of main cola leaves were hand sized.

Started LST training in week 4 bending back the main stem at about 6 inches above the base of the plant when they were 9 inches tall, then repositioning of the lower stems for ideal placement. Leaf tucking and swinging/tying back the large fan leaves to the rear and sides of the developing main cola were performed.

They immediately started stretching and were about ¾ of the way through their stretch by the end of week 4 requiring me to swing the main colas to the front and rear of the side of the tent to control the amount of light intensity to the upper cola.

Week 5 they were transferred to the bloom tent under a 240 true watts G-8 bloom light where they finished up the last bit of their stretch with ideal internode length to allow ample light to reach bud sites where preflowers were already developing. I removed the lowest bud sites on the lower branches to encourage more prominent upper bud development and removed a few of the lowest fan leaves over a period of the next few weeks. They received their first nutrient feeding.

Week 6 through harvest the plants handled intense lighting and nutrients/watering very well including some slight underwatering events. Weekly applications of LABS (Lactic Acid Bacterial Serum) and Organic Blackstrap Molasses solution were used week 6 through harvest to aid in terpene development and feed microbial colonies in the substrate. Day 63 standard 10-to-14-day flush period before harvest.


Showed sex on day 17 and began to develop preflowers in week 4. By week 5 the size and bud complexity were beginning to develop. Week 6 obvious signs of trichome development was seen on the buds. Week 7 and 8 buds began filling in and calyx were evident then started to swell slightly and give off a nice lightly scented sweet chem smell. Week 8 pistils are drying and curling into the calyx which were swelling up nicely. Week 9 the buds started throwing out some nice coloration and bulked up like plump little grapes. The stems were getting heavy with the weight of the buds. Smell was absolutely insane permeating the house with a sweet spicy chem smell. Trichome color were some clear/half cloudy, the majority were milky with a good 5 % amber showing. Week 10 the buds are almost ready and display a heavy chunky high calyx to leaf ratio and are covered with mostly milky trichomes with about 10% to 15% amber showing.


Harvest was one of the easiest I’ve done took them on day 75. Main cola was mostly cloudy/milky trichomes with about 15+% amber. After removing most of the largest fan leaves at the end of week 10 all that needed to be done was remove any larger sugar leaves then cut the tips off anything that wasn’t completely covered in trichomes. The dense swollen calyx made up the majority of the bud so I had very little to trim off of them.


I typically hang my branches from regular wire clothes hangers I like to use a fine florist type wire to wrap under the stems of the last buds give it a twist then wrap it a few times over the hanger. One hanger seems to hold one plants worth of branches. These are placed in a dark closet or back into the tent with a small fan indirectly blowing near them. I typically dry for the first 2 days at 45% to 50% humidity 73 F to get the bulk of the moisture out of them. Then the humidity is raised to 55%+ to slow down the drying process. I will begin removing the smallest looser buds on the lower branches around day 4 and jar them up. Then over the next few days proceed to remove the medium size buds next then the largest ones last and put them in a Teflon coated baking pan with indirect air moving over them and turn them every day. I like to make sure the outside of the buds are dry enough so when they are in the pan, they don’t develop a flat side or shape. Drying time ranges from 7-10 days for the whole process to get them down into the 62% to 65% humidity range.


The buds were loosely put into ½ gallon glass jars about ¾ full with an Inkbird digital hydrometer and it usually takes a few days to stabilize my humidity into the 62% to 63% range then I drop a Boveda 62% humidity pack into them and start my cure. The larger buds can be a bit rebellious and if I find the humidity to be 67% or higher, I will remove the buds from the jar for several hours then repeat the whole process if needed. If they land in the 66% or lower, I’ll remove the top off the jars a few/several hours a couple of times a day as needed.

From this point I will let them cure for two weeks then pull the best top cola bud and sample the smoke. I like to allow the buds to finish curing for about another 4 weeks. I use 6-week cure total before I send my buds out for others to enjoy. During this time, I will open the tops of the jars to allow some fresh air in a few times a week then once a week toward the end. Yes of course I squirrel the top choice buds away for my head stash for a nice longer-term cure. This cure gives the buds time to improve the overall complexity of flavors, smells and smoothness that even the most discerning connoisseurs of fine cannabis can appreciate.


I chose to try out one of the top main cola buds from the heavy burgundy colored plant which perfumed my house with a sweet/spicey chem scent. The very sticky and heavy resinous bud was outrageously wonderful to twist up. After a couple of tokes my lungs filled with a heavy flavorful smoke, on the exhale the smoke tasted slightly earthy with a light citrus/chem flavor in my mouth. High was a head shot for the first 15-20 minutes settling into a nice relaxing body high which led into serious munchie episode with bit of cotton mouth kicked in near the end of a nice 2+ hour ride. She was definitely a heavy hitter in my opinion in terms of strength.


Ethos OG Kush Rbx is the type of genetics all breeders should use as a standard when it comes to quality auto flower genetics.

Ethos has taken the time to hunt down the finest genetics and has been working on the strain since 2008 and continues to tweak in some outstanding photoperiod traits into the strain.

She was an absolute stinker while growing and highly recommend a good carbon filter so as not to serenade your neighbors with the smell of your grow.

The flavor of the smoke was superb and will impress even an experienced smoker. I would even venture to say if put up against a photo period OG Kush she could hold her own.

I foresee Ethos Genetics as being a leader in the auto flower industry in the not-so-distant future. I am looking forward to growing more of their genetics in the near future.

Genetics like this is exactly why I’ve been on a continual hunt to track down the best of the best for my grows.

Be sure to check out Ethos Genetics
3 weeks ago
Philindicus Master
Growing it
Update coming soon:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
2 months ago

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awesome grows dude!!


Next time I will use the above but instead 3 ml in total for the start in oh down


Tq for your help mate. Much appreciated. It was a dodgy PH meter in the end. I thought the PH was really low when it wasn't so I created my own nurient lockout with PH up. I think the brown was Calcium deficiency too. Anyway I am just so relieved to be at this stage for the first time ever. Some of the trichomes have gone amber, not many but won't be long. I can't wait.
Thanks again