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Tkultranewb started grow question 3 years ago
Hey all I just wanted a honest opinion of what my grow in this stage is looking like is it on track and are they the right size or should i let them stretch some for bigger taller or was keeping them short and trying to get them bushy short in veg right idk just honest opinions
Week 2
Leaves. Edges burnt
freshwaterjellyfish answered grow question 3 years ago
For lil seedlings they look fine. You prolly don't need your lights so close at this point. Veg doesn't require as much light as some think. If you can dial the watts back, I'd try that. 29 C is a bit on the hot side also. The heat and intensity of light is likely why the edges of the Leafs are burnt. Wait till your 4th set of Leafs to grow before training or pinching.