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Coast of Maine

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Growing it
Chopped today(1/5/23). Will be aiming for a 7 day dry but I do not know if that will be possible.

Initial review; This plant was the single easiest plant I have ever grown, and the most resilient. I snapped one of the main branches off early on its life cycle, and reattached it. It grew huge. The plant itself was the most unique of all I have grown. The flowers have an abnormal structure, looking almost like small eggs in shape. The flowers are EXTREMELY dense. The only thing that throws me off about this plant is that it does not have a very strong smell. The smell is not very dank quite honestly. The plant smells very vegetable like. Very tomato-like. It also smells very cold lol. For instance, when you walk outside on a cold morning there is a certain smell. This plant has that smell along with the tomato smell and the slight classic weed smell. Not my favorite smell by any means, but the buds are by far my favorite looking buds I have grown. They are also decently frosty, not frost factories per say, but more than enough to get anyone decently stoned.

Update(1/8/2023); Looks better than the Blue Cheeses. Still has a wet hay smell, but the plant has decently sized nuggets starting about halfway up the plant. Unfortunately, for this plant as well, a lot of the buds are very larfy. I take back what I originally said about these being the most dense buds to date. I had previously estimated a harvest of about 10 ounces from this plant. My new estimate is about 5 max.
3 months ago
Growing it
Chopped today(1/5/23). Will be aiming for a 7 day dry but I do not know if that will be possible.

Initial review; The plants were the easiest I have grown yet. They did run into issues a few times, but they recovered nicely and provided a nice harvest. The flowers look pretty good, though they do not seem to be very dense. They are frosty though, and the smell is very pleasant. Think Blueberry muffins mixed with a sweet stinky diesel. Will be providing updates as I progress. Shooting for a 60/60 environment for drying.

Update(1/8/2023); The drying tent smells very wet today. Like the smell of a wet pile of hay after it has rained. Also, these plants are actually pretty LARFY. I do not know if I chopped a few weeks too early(I harvested a few days AFTER recommended breeders' time) or if I just did something wrong during the grow or it was bad genetics. Either way, half of the plant is going to be useless and LARFY, and the rest of the plant is going to have very smell and not very dense flowers after the dry. I was expecting to get a total of 2 lbs out of my 4x4 from 3 plants. That would be about 10.67 ounces per plant. Now, I am going to estimate half of that. I am going to say I might get 1 full pound from the 4x4.
3 months ago
Growing it

This plant certainly was an interesting one to grow. I think a little history is necessary. About 6 months ago I bought a bunch of seeds from North Atlantic Seed Co. Well they were nice enough to ship some free seeds, and I received 4 or 5 OG Kush seeds. Only two of them ever popped, this being one of them. So looking at either a 40 or 50% germination rate.

This plant came out entirely different from a seed in the same pack I grew about 6 months ago. Not going to lie at all this specific pain was a pain in the ass. It was hard stunted at the beginning of its life cycle and eventually it actually OVERTOOK the other two plants. This was really surprising, and I need to give this plant some credibility for its resilience. I also snapped this plant literally in half pretty early on in flower. Maybe week 2 if even. That brings me back to another point. The stems were very woody and fibrous, and had no bend. They would just snap if they bent over.

Pros: Frosty buds, decent harvest weight, interesting but atypical OG Kush smell

Cons: Woody branches that snap easily had to stake up every branch, very finicky to light, lots of foxtailing, had a really hard time getting started

EDIT(12/14/2022); I just ran out of buds unexpectedly today and rather than going to the dispensary I decided to smoke this plant. A little backstory. On harvest day, the two smallest branches snapped off of the plant at the base. I hung them up above the rest of the plant, and today they were at a good RH to trim because they were so tiny. So it has only been 5 days and I did check the cannabis and it is in the dry zone now. As I mentioned in this diary before, this plant looks NOTHING like the other exact same seed I popped from the same breeder. However, the smell IS the exact same. The plant smells gassy yet sweet, and the buds look okay. These buds are average density IMO, but these were the smallest from the plant. Pictures titled "12/14/2022 5 day dry".

EDIT(12/15/2022); So, not sure what's going on with this plant, or my meter. One or the other. Yesterday the plant rated at about 19% internal moisture. Today, with not much change in environment the moisture is now 8%... I am not sure if my meter is acting up, which it very well could be, but I will be trimming and bagging this plant tomorrow. I would do it today but I do not have time.

EDIT(12/16/2022); Well, I trimmed this plant today. It was a decently easy trim. I started at about 9:30, and was finished by around 1:30-2:00. This would put me around 4-4.5 hours. UNFORTUNATELY, I suppose I needed to trim yesterday. Today after trimming and bagging the cannabis, the RH reads around 45-50%. Ideal RH for curing is around 58-62%, when you drop out of this range you don't cure efficiently, and when you go above this range mold is a risk. I rate my buds in 3 scales.

The smallest buds, and the larfiest buds, are what I call the "smalls". These are what I smoke during cure if need be and these are also what I will use if I run out later on in the cycle.

Medium sized buds, with a good bag appeal, are what I call "mids". The mids are what I mainly smoke. Mids usually have the largest quantity.

The largest buds, which usually are just the very top part of the plant, are what I called Highs. These are saved for special occasions, or what I give to people as gifts.

All said, I got;

23.6grams/ 0.84OZ of Smalls

52.1grams/ 1.86OZ of Mids

25.0grams/ 0.89OZ of Highs
4 months ago

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