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Ap0_DrX started grow question 5 months ago
Some of the plant's leaves turn pink. The medium PH is around 7.5. I have tested the medium NPK and it indicated that P was very low, N and K were still good. I have looked it up and some posts said that it was P and K deficiency.
Could it be only P deficiency?
Garage Grow No.1
11 weeks
Garage Grow No.1 Ap0_DrX
2 comments · 5 months ago
Week 10
Leaves. Color - Red or pink
ChitownCannaChica answered grow question 5 months ago
It’s a deficiency because the ph is too high—- plant can only uptake so much when the ph is off. Get the ph closer to 6.1 and the deficiency will go away.
SleepHuntMadScience answered grow question 5 months ago
Flush with ph 6.0 or lower water to try to sort your ph in medium.
Defoliation for damaged leaves.
If you can wait to flip to flower until the issue is sorted it might be a good idea. Don’t add nutrients to try to correct a possible deficiency as it is likely going to sort itself after the ph is brought into the low 6s.
Test your runoff ec and ph to help you see how much you need to flush.
Good luck.
Growladyeastmidlands answered grow question 5 months ago
Looking hermie
Miss_Greenthumbs_Garden answered grow question 5 months ago
I personally think its a mixture perhaps of nutrient burn or Phosphorus deficiency accompanied by the symptoms of a Calcium deficiency, as those nutrients interact with each other in the plant. that's my only ideas hope this helps :green_heart:
LottaBuds answered grow question 5 months ago
Seems like you're already on the right tracks, but fix the pH first before adding more nutes, it's too high now for everything to actually get metabolized by the plant. Soil pH should ideally be 6.1-6.4, coco 5.8-6.1, but never over 7.
AsNoriu answered grow question 5 months ago
Imagine yourself snall kid and mum put cookie jar on the fridge.
You cant reach it, unless you get in higher level to reach, aka use chair or something ;)))
So ph is the same !!! Nutrition don't magically disappear, they just cant be used or reached if ph is WRONG.
sort it !!!