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Ageddd Apprentice
Candy Kush Automatic
Growing it
She was growing for like a month and then started to flower, lost a branch during bending process, but as nothing happened, definetely a resilient plant.
Developed a branchy structure, nice ramifications, and having in mind that is a short plant, the flowers were abundant in all the plant, no so compact but its okay.
The buds had that weird style but they look really nice covered in a lot of THC... But so atractive to insects too.. The production is not bad, and quiality is high i think, that smell should turn into a really nice flavour when cured in jars..
Very stinky plant, but delicious smell i should say.
Eats between medium, to high level of nutrients.
I find it Normal to grow because its really strong but it attracts bugs so that only can add problems..
Nice experience to grow this strain, beautiful plant.
2 months ago
Ageddd Apprentice
Growing it
I could not have better words for this plant... genetics are simply amazing.
Never stopped growing since the first day of life, always vigorously, with a healthy dark green colour..

LST and training did not stressed the plant, in fact, it appeared like 0 stress, she reacted very well and the structure developed was perfect to support the buds..
The branches are very strong but flexible too, big colas are well supported, windy days were not a problem..
A lot of ramification, stretched like 50% since flowering, so at first developed height and then grew a lot of lateral branches below Bid buds

She liked to eat, but not extremely..
The production is high grade quality, in my opinion, and she was covered in THC like a White Widow...
Diseases resistance is very strong beacause of the high amount of resin around the flowers..
The smell was fruity and musky, and never supposed a problem, as it is not noticeable hard...
Definetely this plant loved the mediterranean sun and produced a heavy final weight of 1,2 kg.
1 year ago
Ageddd Apprentice
Royal Cheese
Growing it
Vigorous plant since sprouted, which started to flower too early because of climate conditions, and revegged like nothing happened. In fact, the speed of growth was always very fast. At the end we have very nice production in relation to the plant size..

Stinks like a skunk, nasty, deep smell.... i love it but happens like with a good blue cheese, it is overwhelming fore some people but others love it and enjoy it deeply..

This strain eats a lot of nutes, passing the recommended dose.

The problem is that this strain can attract a lot of attention around, when it starts to flower the smell increases 300%
The particularity i see, is that, this strain is kind of "sensitive" with the switch to flowering, what would be fine in a controlled enviroment but if you are planning to take the plants out early i would not recommend the fast flowering pheno.
Talking about quality and production, you can check by yourself, the production couldnt be better for a plant of that size, amazing huge colas, the buds are well coated in thc, stunning in my opinion, and when you taste the first sample of a bud, you know it is a true Cheese.
Dank smoke, i really love it, gotta cure to get all the flavour, which is good but it has to develop all the tones.
Taste after 4 months in jars :

The taste is simply as hard as the smell ... you light up a fatty on the street or in a park, and people look at you like... that smells so dank, friends told me they can smell it more than 30m away, so it is better to be sure police is not near hahahaha
Flavour is amazing, so skunky, so intense, and with touches of cheese strain: This plant wash your mouth, and leves you with a very long lasting and tasty aftertaste, similar to a skunk but with with that cheesy, spicy special nuances..
It hits hard, psychoactively, but also in the body, very good bubble, my head enters a pleasant bubble, but not deeply narchotic, you can smoke one or two along the evening , even thought, very relaxing and happy high...

Personally this kind of flavour i love it soo much that, for sure, i will be growing this strain in the future...

The quality developed is far way better of what you can expect here in the black market, very difficult to find something similar, so guys, my advice if you are doubting about growing: Keep it organic and grow yourself ! :)
1 year ago