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Ageddd Master
Ultra Lemon Haze
Growing it
Plant 1:

Vigorous plant in Veg, but when switched to flower, strange things happened, the buds are really weird and did not eat as much as an average plant, and the production is low.
Therpenes are really good, and the smell is particular, really nice. Nice resin, it is very sticky. The only thing i dont like about this plant is the phenotype.

Plant 2:

The smell is similar to the original Lemon, has deep citrous notes.
I like the psychoactivity, its a nice day smoke, and a tasty one.
Overall a very good plant, i love the therpene profile (citrous/fruity), it is so refreshing when you smell the citrous flavour.
The plant turned purple since beginning of flowering, what makes it beautiful.
2 months ago
Ageddd Master
Afghan Kush
Growing it
Amazing plant overall. This plant was germinated in August and ended in December, thats crazy ^^.
Very good resilience, made it until December, having near 0 ºC at night durign last weeks.
Buds are frosty, the purple colours appeared when temperatures were under 16ºC aprox, starting from the stems extending to leaves and flowers.
Flavour and smell, started really fruity/musky, transitioning to a less fruity, more musky/hash smell and flavour, but when smoking, the sweet flavour appears at the end, leaving a nice sweet aftertaste, but it stays on the palate, not in the tongue.

Nice calyxes/leaves ratio, she could have gained more weight, but its enought, having in mind temperatures, sun hours, and more importatn, quality.
During vegetation/early flowering it branched a lot, and stretched more than 100% when flowering, developing central colas, which in this plant, the buds are not forming a single cluster like other plants, the buds have a separation between each other, so thats interesting for plants in cold or not so sunny latitudes.
After curing the buds in jars, gotta say im really happy about how it tastes and how gets you high: It is psychoactive at the begginning, and let you focus sooo much on what you are doing, like you dont care what happens around hahaha, and it transition into a body relaxation that goes heavier and heavier until you can fall sleep.
7 months ago
Ageddd Master
Candy Kush Automatic
Growing it
She was growing for like a month and then started to flower, lost a branch during bending process, but as nothing happened, definetely a resilient plant.
Developed a branchy structure, nice ramifications, and having in mind that is a short plant, the flowers were abundant in all the plant, no so compact but its okay.
The buds had that weird style but they look really nice covered in a lot of THC... But so atractive to insects too.. The production is not bad, and quiality is high i think, that smell should turn into a really nice flavour when cured in jars..
Very stinky plant, but delicious smell i should say.
Eats between medium, to high level of nutrients.
I find it Normal to grow because its really strong but it attracts bugs so that only can add problems..
Nice experience to grow this strain, beautiful plant.
9 months ago

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